The Path: new teaser & website

We have launched a new website for The Path (formerly known as 144) at the occasion of our participation in the Game Developers Conference next week in San Francisco.

The Path is a single player short horror game that we’re currently developing. Jarboe is making the music for it, together with Kris Force. Some of it can be heard in the teaser. And our long-time collaborator Laura Smith is animating our girls and “wolves”.

We are very excited to finally be able to show some of this work at last! The trailer is featuring just one of the 6 girls you will be able to play in game.

Still a lot of work to do. But launching a website feels like a mile stone. :)

Let us know what you think!

4 thoughts on “The Path: new teaser & website”

  1. I was just wondering what platforms you intend to release this game on… and just to cure my curiosuty.. what do you mean by “a short horror game”… will it be worth the money I spend, since it might be short??

  2. We will initially release the game on PC because, thanks to Quest3D we can make it ourselves for that platform. If it becomes succesful, we will consider porting to consoles.

    We use the term “short game” in reference to “short film”, implying independence from the mainstream and artistic ambition. Strictly speaking, as the main part of the game will be a “sand-box”, actual play time will be unlimited. On average, we think a full play through will take several hours. But it’s hard to estimate at this point.

    Without going into the games pricing debate, we think it’s definitely going to be worth the money. Unless you’re looking for a game where you run and shoot monsters while somebody’s yelling “Go! Go! Go!” all the time… 😉
    The Path is a poetic game. Short, but deep.

  3. hi!
    has this game been realised let because i saw the tralier and i was like wow! i really wanna play! please tell me when it will be realised as i cant wait to buy it!! thanks!

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