The Making of Woodsman Wolf

March 23rd, 2010 by Auriea

In the many versions of Little Red Ridinghood that inspired The Path we chose to ignore the ones where there is a Hunter, Woodsman or some such guy who comes and saves Red from the wolf. Instead we chose to make the Woodsman one of the wolves. The Path of Carmen is one of the more hotly argued chapters in our game because it seems to be the most obvious. Obviously we are evil people for depicting a situation where a girl meets a strange man in the woods… a man with an axe. A man who is more interested in obsessively chopping trees than he is in her. And what does she do, she drinks his beer and steals his hat sits by his fire like she owns the place.

The Woodsman is quiet and wants to be left alone in the forest to do what he does best, chop obsessively at trees that never fall. The Girl in White sometimes stops by to make sure he’s okay. Maybe they live in the forest as a family in seclusion?

I just think of him as being square as the cube he was extruded from. He’s not very tall, not really very assertive, And Carmen is waay too much for him to deal with that day.

6 Responses to “The Making of Woodsman Wolf”

  1. Rick

    Weird… I *just* finished talking about this guy in The Path Discussion board. :o

  2. “The Woodsman’s Daughter”
    concept art
    never finished.

  3. Rick

    Oh, wow.

    You know, I should be able to look at this picture and say, “ah! [X] is obviously the daughter. And there is no symbolism in the apple, no ma’am. It’s all quite simple, really.”

    But, truthfully… it raises more questions!

    I suppose I will find out more in a couple days, when it’s the GIW Wolf’s turn for closer scrutiny. :)

  4. Rick

    I guess, given the tent and the boots, it should be pretty obvious to me.

    But, her eventual appearance at the red apartment is nagging at me.

    I’d always assumed that she lived at the red apartment.

    But that raises even more questions…

  5. My new theory, was a reply to another comment on deviantart. *copy paste, sorry XD*

    If you read the new blog posts at the Tales of Tales blog you might get another view on this… You can read there that she is supposed to be the daughter of the Woodsman Wolf so I don’t think she kills the wolfs(well she would kill her father?). I don’t know, maybe Grandmother symbolises the innocence because she isn’t there anymore if you met the wolf and go to the house. I think she only killed the innocence and then frees the girls from the ‘belly’(= ‘womb’ = security and no danger/innocence?) because they are now grown up(= newborn?).

    Mh, a one minute-theory, I will go and think about it more.

  6. Thank you very much for all your thoughts marion! Happy that the game was a meaningful experience for you. We have some new projects in the works that hopefully you will like as well.