Interview with Lisa Falzon

February 6th, 2009 by Michael

The design of the characters of The Path was inspired by the work of several artists and illustrators. As a way of paying tribute to these people, we are inviting them for a short interview, conducted by the six Red Girls themselves. We’re also asking them if they can pick one of the characters and make a drawing inspired by her design. As a way of making the circle complete.

We discovered the work of Lisa Falzon very early in the production of The Path. She was making works like these at that time:

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Very inspiring work. I remember asking her if she would want to design the box art for The Path when it was ready. She said yes. :)

As our production got going, Lisa Falzon’s work evolved but continued to inspire. She developed an entirely unique technique. A new form of digital collage that she used to create fascinating images like these:

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Her work is provocative and a little bit naughty while at the same time sexy in a very natural almost unaware fashion. Much like Ginger, the character from The Path that she chose to draw.


to read the interview and
see Ginger’s portrait by Lisa Falzon