Auriea Harvey design & direction, concept art, character/environment models & textures
Michaël Samyn design & direction, interaction, effects, software programming
Jarboe & Kris Force music & sound composition
Laura Raines Smith animations
Hans Zantman technical artist
Marian Bantjes logo design and calligraphy
game testers: Ally Severi, Evelien Deceuninck, Ferruccio Sbaiz, Steven Devolder, Christelle Van Aerde, Yannick Antoine, Astrid Beulink, Peter Lewyllie, Joke Van Dam, Martijn Holtkamp, Ilse Daems, Ciro Continisio, Justin Smith, Lorenzo Bianco, Whilyam Uru
Thanks to: The Endless Forest community for their endless encouragement; the TIG Source community for tips; Act-3D, Jos van Ouwerkerk, Dylan Fitterer and the Quest3D community for technical assistance; Stacey Diana Clark and Pedro Murteira for concept art dreaming with us in the beginning; The Blender3d community for making great tools!; Billy Nguyen and Dragon-Fly Studio, for help with assets; Lli Wilburn for allowing us to hang her painting "Two Hillsides" in grandmother's house;
Translation project: Danish translation by Tobias Kosmos and Nicklas Beck Jørgensen
French translation by Yann Cossiaux
German translation by Susanne Laws
Hungarian translation by Kiss Helga, Dékány Csilla and Ország Tibor
Italian translation by Matteo Sarnari
Portuguese translation by Bruno de Figueiredo
Romanian translation by Andra Andrei
Spanish translation by Ricardo Oyon

The Path, a game by TALE OF TALES