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The Path is one month old!

April 18th, 2009 by Michael

It will be one month today since the launch of The Path.

The release itself was a celebration of our collaboration. It happened exactly 10 years after we met in person for the first time and launched our first collaborative project. And we launched The Path from a room in the same hotel in San Francisco (which in and of itself, spontaneously, turned into a sort of a re-enactment of something that happened -almost exactly- 40 years ago; it’s a small world).

Sorry, we’re kind of big on anniversaries around here. And small on coincidence.

To celebrate our little baby of one month, we will be staging an ABIOGENESIS festival in The Endless Forest at 9 PM, Belgian time. See you on Twin Gods Hill!

After which The Path will be offered exclusively to registered players of The Endless Forest for the anti-price of 6.66, the opposite of its normal price of 9.99 (keep an eye on incoming email!).