tester #10

November 27th, 2008 by Auriea

game tester #10

Today’s tester finished the game!
We can now officially say that The Path will have 6! hours! of! gameplay!

It was beautiful to watch a player get all the way through. And have things feel wrapped up emotionally.

We had invited back tester #2. For various reasons but mainly because she had suggested a number of features that we did implement. Little things but we were wondering if they would make a difference for her, really. She could remember when certain things in the game were just placeholder objects so it was fun to get her impressions now that things are more finished off.

The freshness of seeing part of the game that no one up till now has been able to get to because of either show stopping bugs or time constraints was amazing. Still so much left to do but a feeling that everything will work out and we will get this game out to you… that’s best feeling in the world.