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Youngest sister and one of 6 characters you will take on a mysterious journey through the Forest. Robin is nine years old. A very lively child. She loves playing in the forest. Only on the path, of course. Mother tells her to never go into the woods. She never says why. Robin thinks there may by fun things to play with in the forest. She sometimes hears the creaking sounds of what seems to be a swing! Or the howl of a wolf in the distance! Robin likes wolves. They are her favourite kind of animal!

  • The Making of Robin
  • Robin's room at Grandmother's House
  • Robin's LiveJournal

  • Rose

    Rose is mature for her age. But there is a certain air of innocence about her that is charming and disconcerting at the same time. Barely a teenager -Rose is eleven-, she is discovering the world around her with fresh eyes. And all is beautiful! The wind in the trees, the birds in the air, the flowers along the path. Rose is taking it in voraciously. So much so that she will defend even nature's smallest creatures against anyone who might wish them harm.
    But who will protect sweet Rose herself, when she is lured off the path? With a promise of unearthly bliss, of light in abundance where no sun will ever shine? You're just a little girl, Rose! Just a fragile little girl...

  • The Making of Rose
  • Rose's room at Grandmother's House
  • Rose's LiveJournal

  • Ginger

    The forest is a great place for adventures! And a much more fun way to get to grandmother's house. Ginger isn't one for sticking to paths. Running around in the fields, climbing gnarly old trees, playing wild games with abandoned toys, collecting pebbles and hitting things with sticks. The idea of growing up doesn't hold much appeal. Who'd want to give up their childhood? But Ginger is 13. The end is near.
    She's a fresh flower of the field in her own way. Very independent -a loner, actually- and completely absorbed in the game she thinks of as life. Will she bloom before she wilts? Will she ever learn? Should she?

  • The Making of Ginger
  • Ginger's room at Grandmother's House
  • Ginger's LiveJournal

  • Ruby

    The other girls call her "goth"... It's one way of killing people: stereotyping them, putting them in a box and throwing it away. But there's more to Ruby than meets the eye. A young lady by now, 15 years of age. Life has opened up to her as a rotting flower of corruption. She can see through it all but remains an enigma herself.
    When asked about her leg brace, Ruby says she's in pain. But doesn't specify where it hurts.
    Ruby does not long for death. She takes a perverse pleasure in observing the extreme decay of adult society. But what will happen when she ceases to be a witness and becomes a participant instead?

  • The Making of Ruby
  • Ruby's room at Grandmother's House
  • Ruby's LiveJournal

  • Carmen

    Seventeen. A glorious age for a girl. Having left her childhood body behind, she enjoys parading the new Carmen. She is fully aware of the heads that turn when she passes by. She'll give them a little bit extra to look at too. A shake of the hips. A wink of the eye. But no more. Carmen fancies herself a femme fatale perhaps. But inside she knows that all she wants is a little bit of attention. From a warm and handsome man, perhaps. Who can keep her safe. Hold her tight. With a strength that approaches violence. He doesn't need to be as wild as she is, but it wouldn't hurt.

  • The Making of Carmen
  • Carmen's room at Grandmother's House
  • Carmen's LiveJournal

  • Scarlet

    Scarlet is the oldest of six. The firstborn. In a family with an invisible mother. Quite a responsibility. One that she faces with determination and a sense of duty and pride. She is 19 years of age. She should probably be enjoying what's left of her youth. But with five younger sisters, one more unruly than the other, somebody needs to maintain order and stability.
    Not that Scarlet doesn't wish to share the burden. Or a moment of silence. A moment of quiet understanding with a soulmate. A moment of true togetherness. Her loneliness is a secret she will take to the grave. Sooner than she may expect.

  • The Making of Scarlet
  • Scarlet's room at Grandmother's House
  • Scarlet's LiveJournal

  • The Girl in White


  • The Path - Prologue

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    that inspire The Path
    Read by Jarboe.

    The Grandmother's Tale, France, 14th century
    Little Red Riding Hood, Charles Perrault, 17th century

    The Path, a game by TALE OF TALES