The Making of Scarlet

October 17th, 2008 by Auriea


I feel responsible for her. Someone has to. She is always looking after the others. First born but last made. I think some of my weariness rubbed off on her. She was made in such a lazy way. Forced to grow up before she was ready.

This is not to say that I don’t find her perfect. I sketched her after being inspired by the films of Ingmar Bergman, the mannerisms and characters of his actresses, especially the lovely Liv Ullmann. It is hard to say if what I felt I learned by watching his movies has been injected vertex by vertex into Scarlet…. but I believe a little bit remains.

6_Stern Red-concept sunshineplaysamajorpartinthedaytime darkly superhyperworkinprogress-scarlet

She is a serious young lady. More images of her are shown in the gallery and on flickr. She’s looking a bit frightening in the wallpaper, but i think it’s just her way of dealing with a frightening world. Let us all wish her well.

7 Responses to “The Making of Scarlet”

  1. b

    //// **


  2. thank you b ;)

  3. Ksuzhi

    That was continuously great.
    Thanks a lot..

  4. you’re welcome Ksuzhi.

  5. Shane

    This was my favorite character by far. You saved the best for last.

  6. Roman

    I hope, this work will be fine present for my wife on the date of our marriage. (31 dec.) ;)
    Respect from north of Russia, Archangelsk city!

  7. Abigail the Blind

    Who is the man that she encountered at the piano!? I just saw scarlet and him in a spooky picture up there, and I DONT get good feelings from it!! EEK!