The Making Of Rose

September 5th, 2008 by Auriea

Rose is a quiet one…..


I don’t even remember her walking into the room, but one day there she was.

2-Innocent Red (11)-concept screenshot_781

I thought she seemed a bit too jealous of her older sister so I made her skirt longer than in my initial sketch. The lace I added later seemed to express her innocence but also the visceral quality of lace… kind of like veins.

If I talk inspiration of her character it would be Lain (from the anime Serial Experiments Lain) which I watched again for the thousandth time when I was planning the characters. I loved the hairstyle so much I made a variation for Rose. Here, the intro to the show:

And then in the course of looking through all the amazing artists work out there I must say one thats stuck with me is Esao Andrews… he deserves a separate Inspirations post but for now I’ll leave you with this painting.

finch by esao andrews

Finch by Esao Andrews

You will find a new wallpaper on the downloads page too.