The Making Of Rose

September 5th, 2008 by Auriea

Rose is a quiet one…..


I don’t even remember her walking into the room, but one day there she was.

2-Innocent Red (11)-concept screenshot_781

I thought she seemed a bit too jealous of her older sister so I made her skirt longer than in my initial sketch. The lace I added later seemed to express her innocence but also the visceral quality of lace… kind of like veins.

If I talk inspiration of her character it would be Lain (from the anime Serial Experiments Lain) which I watched again for the thousandth time when I was planning the characters. I loved the hairstyle so much I made a variation for Rose. Here, the intro to the show:

And then in the course of looking through all the amazing artists work out there I must say one thats stuck with me is Esao Andrews… he deserves a separate Inspirations post but for now I’ll leave you with this painting.

finch by esao andrews

Finch by Esao Andrews

You will find a new wallpaper on the downloads page too.

14 Responses to “The Making Of Rose”

  1. So far, my favorite protagonist from The Path. Actually Lain was one of the few TV animes I enjoyed watching in the last years. I simply adore the way you have captured the feeling of quietness in her melancholic facial expression.

    Congratulations on yet another unique character!

  2. Emriss

    I think you captured the character you described very well. Her small size and long dress and stocking’d feet give her that air of innocence, but her face is very solomn, not as cheerful as you might expect.

  3. Beautiful! Though if I were you, I would actually shorten the skirt it bit, but that’s me. And I’m only like…13, so you probably shouldn’t listen to me. Lol :]

    But I’m excited! I keep on coming back, excited for each character you make!!
    awesome!! :]

  4. dieubussy – or, indeed, anyone else reading – do you know of the series Haibane-Renmei? Some masterful use of the series format there, going back to the old Takahata series… And now I think it about it, has a similar atmosphere, if more intellectually dense, to the Tales of Tales, the one I’ve played with and how I imagine the others – even some of the look, with with that digital clarity. But perhaps most of all, the red girls now strongly remind me of the Old Home haibane, somehow. Not in terms of specific ones being like each other, so much, may maybe just because they’re a similarly-sized group of tween to teenage girls who have different personal quirks but some similarities… Maybe it’s as simple as them being all female within themselves. And perhaps, even if one is trying to avoid to it, one always tends to fall into some archetypes such as the tomboy when creating a number of main characters who are all of the same gender (and have a gender – if genders didn’t exist, one wouldn’t have some of those archetypes).

  5. We have designed the Red Girls to be archetypes on purpose. Because, ultimately, The Path being a fairy tale, they are all representations of one and the same person (the player) and explore the same story from different angles.

  6. Jordan S. – I did hear about it some years ago. I’ve never seen it, though, but maybe I’ll learn more about it now. thanks for the heads up!

  7. Mary Elfen

    This is my favorite character, aside from Ruby. I think it is because I’m a lot like her, I can relate to her, and I am the same age. I love how you captured her innocence, the long dress with lace, no shoes, and her feet slightly tuck in when she stands. I love how you captured her~

  8. Sayuu

    I must tell you, I only today found out about this game.. It looks so brilliant!! I can’t wait to play it!
    And Rose is definetly my faved so far, by character and appeareance. She’s so adorable, and yet so serious, I’m not sure how to phrase it, but I’ll take it you know what I mean.. Anyway, great job with this game! Think I’mma try others as well! :)

  9. martha

    she has my age!

  10. marimo

    Rose is my favorite person of game, i’d like to create some wallpapers and userpics, but there’s no many big pictures and arts with her.

  11. Rose would most likely be my favorite character, for she has a great love for nature. (A bit like myself.)

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