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The Path soundtrack now available for download

June 23rd, 2010 by Auriea

The Path soundtrack is on iTunes! eeeeee

Years ago when we started making The Path with Kris and Jarboe on board to do the soundtrack I kind of dreamed of this day. Well now I can say the circle is round and this journey is complete. Not only can you get The Path Soundtrack on CD from us and from the wonderful publisher Paradigms Recordings, but now you can download the music from iTunes and emusic… And probably a few other music download portals as well! Not sure why, but it makes me unspeakably happy to see (and hear) the compositions they made out there among all the other music in the world. They do this album release thing all the time, but for me it’s a first! Having everything available, out there, being listened to by everyone now… makes it all feel more real.

Get The Path Soundtrack on iTunes!
Get The Path Soundtrack on emusic!

The Path Soundtrack CD

June 15th, 2010 by Auriea

The Path original soundtrack CD is now available through our online store! Check it out here. We only have a few copies available but it will continue to be available through Paradigms Recordings until they sell out.

The Path - original soundtrack CD
The Path - original soundtrack CD

MP3 downloads will be coming soon!