The Making of Cloud Wolf

March 27th, 2010 by Auriea

And here at last, the last of the wolves. The Cloud Wolf appears, like the weather. He doesn’t mean to hurt anyone, he just is. He is beautiful like a thunderstorm. You can only sit back and admire the destruction he causes.

So indeed in his making I had strong ideas about him. But damn if I can explain anything underlying his part in the game in words.

If I had to pick a ‘favorite’ wolf of my own, it must be the Cloud Wolf. Beyond all words. Every time I see the scene with Rose on the lake tears come to my eyes.

No I don’t know who he is. No one does, least of all her, or me. She aspires to know. She loves. Because pure love is all Rose knows.

and some music to take us out.

7 Responses to “The Making of Cloud Wolf”

  1. One of our early inspirations for the Cloud Wolf was the myth of Jupiter and Io.

    Io was a river goddess. Jupiter fell in love with the beautiful maiden, and one day, as she rested on the banks of the River, he changed his shape into that of a cloud, and embraced her. He whispered words of love to her, and then planted an immortal kiss upon her upturned cheek.

  2. That track took me somewhere.
    Does it have a name?

  3. yeah… the name should have shown up.
    the song is called Tippy’s Demise it is by Stars of the Lid
    (and i listened to it often while working on The Path.)

  4. Well, considering Rose is my favorite I always enjoyed the Cloud Wolf too. Last night on the bus I was actually trying to figure out how I could do a cosplay of him that still allowed me to wear pants and see. I’d probably need to rip up a few couches, but I think it can be done.

    Anyways, cystic fibrosis theory aside (LOVE that theory :) , it turns the whole lake into a metaphor of her lungs, and her imagination into denial), I adore everyone’s reaction to the Cloud Wolf. You put him JUST so far out into the lake that everyone looks at it and goes “What IS that thing?” nobody says “Oh, that’s the wolf!” on their first try. It’s not until she wakes up on the path that people go “Well I guess that was the wolf then!”
    Up until now I always wanted to know what it was, but I guess the point is just not to know.

    Auriea, aren’t you missing one?

  5. Rick

    You know, I always thought there was a hint of religious caution to this particular wolf. Which there may be still, but after reading this I don’t perceive it quite the way I did before.

    I seem to recall a story where this man doesn’t know his own strength and accidentally ends up killing the girl he loves the most with his bare hands. It wasn’t an action born of malice. He loved her fiercely, but had absolutely no idea how fragile she was.

    This reminds me a lot of that.

    Which, I think, would make it unique in the fact that it’s the only wolf encounter (in my eyes) that might simply have been a tragic accident borne from the most innocent and loving intentions. Robin’s encounter comes close, but I regard her actions as more a sort of naive and playful provocation.

    Rose’s tale is simply… one being loving another but with perilous results. The two beings simply cannot mesh; though she may respect and possibly idolize this supernatural entity, her attempt to embrace it brings about her own tragic end.

    …which, I suppose, might be a form of religious caution after all.

  6. Cloud Wolf is always the most emotionally involving for me as well, just as Rose is, for some reason.

    I believe it must be that I empathise with some aspects of her character, the pure, somewhat naive spirituality and lookout on the world, the dreaminess.

    Rick’s interpretation is one that I share. On some level, Cloud Wolf might be a manifestation of Rose’s deepest wishes, but like all of the wolves, gone wrong, though not with malicious intent in this case, perhaps. She has her head in the clouds, and forgets to pay attention to what’s happening in the ‘real’ world. Like boats tipping over…

    Oh, and that Stars of the Lid track is stunning. Thanks for that, too!

  7. Hana

    Oh wow. That music is lovely; makes me feel as though there’s something I’ve forgotten, and it tears me apart to remember what it is. Fits in beautifully with Rose and her wolf…