The Making of Fey Wolf

March 26th, 2010 by Auriea

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  1. Rick

    This is the wolf I think I least understood…

  2. @Rick: My turn to be informative! It’s Jason Isaacs/Lucius Malfoy. What more do you need to know?

    Nah, I’m joking. I actually found this one to be pretty comprehensible to me. Scarlet is obsessed with being mature, and mature people are only attracted to mature people. In a way, the Fey wolf is much like the Charming wolf, just in a more mysterious way. It’s that sorta “teacher crush” mentality, or even respect without criticism.

    Scarlet’s very much at that age where she wants to be mature, without knowing exactly what maturity is. All it takes is for someone to say “I’m mature too” for her to be like “Oh, okay!” and I mean, just LOOK at the way the Fey wolf carries himself. He looks like he knows what he’s doing, so why not trust him? I always pictured this scenario:

    -Fey Wolf- Smooth, silky voice that commands respect.

    Scarlet: “Don’t you just hate what the kids are listening to today?”
    Fey: “Yes, it’s so boring and offensive to the ears.”
    Scarlet: “I know, and I’m so happy you agree! Great minds think alike don’t they?”
    Fey: “Yes. Do you know who said that?”
    Scarlet: “Mozart?” She guesses, not wanting to seem ignorant.
    Fey: “Precisely! Of course, the minds of classical musicians are so much more sophisticated than those of today” <–Playing off of her response with Mozart being the first ‘great mind’ that she thinks of. Starts to take control over the situation now that he has her respect.
    Scarlet: “Oh absolutely! Do you play?”
    Fey: “Why yes! I’m actually a concert pianist.” <– He has her now.
    Scarlet: “Really? So do I!”
    Fey: “Wonderful. I would love to hear someone of such a like mind play. Perhaps I could even, give you an audition, say, right here?”
    Scarlet: “Of course!” Scarlet is now excited to be affirmed by a mature person, and the Wolf has got her in his clutches, because what does she know of maturity when she’s still juts a kid herself?

    *cue curtain*

    ^ Fey is sneaky, because he lures Scarlet into a comfort zone of security and doesn’t challenge her, making her seem and feel in control of the situation, when really she isn’t.


    -Charming/Badboy Wolf-

    Ruby: “Hey you.”
    Charming: “Yo baby, what kept you?”
    Ruby: “Ugh. Parents.”
    Charming: “Cool baby. Here, have a cig.”
    Ruby: “Nah, not right now.”
    Charming: “Aw come on, it won’t kill you, I’m still here right?”
    Ruby: “Ha, yeah. We’re all dying slowly anyways.” Ruby coughs as she takes her first puff.
    Charming: “Exaaactly. So, what’s in the basket Red?”
    Ruby: Ruby takes a longer puff on the cig, and relaxes in the same pose as Charming, then pulls out the wine. “The good stuff.”
    Charming: “Ha! That’s nothing.” Charming pulls out a flask with a wolf on it “Here, take a swig of this. It’ll rock you to the grave.”
    Ruby: “Heh, cool.” Ruby chugs the flask.

    ^Charming is charming because he’s assertive, yet always seems dissatisfied, making Ruby want to prove herself. The perfect essence of peer pressure. Notice how he doesn’t look at her the whole time she’s around until he gives her a cig.


    On Scarlet:
    Old siblings are forced to grow up too quickly, and especially with all of the other girls in the house, she was forced to become “mature” without the real learning experiences and mistakes that maturity brings about. Arguably, this encounter with the “Fey” will be the first “mistake” she’d ever have to admit to herself.

    To be honest, the other girls are better off than she is, having been able to make a mistake before now, because they are old enough to learn from it (or not), whereas with Scarlet, it may be too late.

  3. Interesting how you feel that the Wolves actively try to lure the girls in. For me, it always felt like the girls were more active in the process. And that perhaps the Wolves “kill” them because they get tired of their attention. As always, there’s no wrong or right. Different people will see different things in the game. That’s what it was designed for. :)

  4. Shane, thank you for writing all that! You say it better than I ever could.

  5. Rick

    Thanks Shane :)

    I guess it confused me because, well, it’s assumed that these meetings between the sisters and their wolves are “fatal.” I can see (read: guess) how the other sister/wolf encounters ended up the way they did… but the relationship between artist and student is typically nurturing. Encouraging. A sort of melding of minds.

    Unless, maybe, jealousy or envy entered into the picture in this particular case? When Scarlet started to play maybe Fey’s ears perked up, hearing a raw talent that runs deeper than his own. He moves closer to the stage to be sure of what he’s hearing… and when he’s certain, he encourages her with his right hand. She never notices him subtly reaching for something else with his left.

  6. K

    I got a strong impression that Feywolf is very similar to Grandma (both of them being strange and scary mixtures of young and old, in particular). Was it intentional? Perhaps it is just some illusion or projection on my side…

  7. Here’s something I’ve wondered, why is he called the Fey wolf? All of the other wolves have a name that seems pretty obvious.. is the word “Fey” just because of his appearance? that doesn’t seem very ToT like. And if it runs deeper, why is he a fey? How does that add to the story?

  8. Well, there are a few answers to that question. But the 2nd and 3rd listed definitions in Websters Dictionary are the main reason he is called that:

    These ‘names’ we gave the wolves were just keywords that stuck. We maybe could have given them real names. But that would have de-emphasiszed them as mythical characters, made them too real, i think.

  9. Hmm, alright, I think that helps a little. Thanks Auriea :)

  10. Awsm4all

    So is it official that Feywolf is a man? I’ve debated on the subject for a while. When I first saw him/her with Scarlet, the look and body language made me assume it was a woman (especially because it looked like Claudia from Silent Hill). Did the makers release a statement that it was a man?

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  12. Sah

    What about the knife sounds? What’s with the weird claw-hand on the Fey in the images at the end? What does it all mean?

  13. He is an enigma. Which makes him all the more frightening/titillating.

  14. SunflowerTeeth

    I stumbled on this game a good number of months ago and fell in love. Then finally stumbled onto this blog!

    This wolf was the most personally striking for me. I can’t say for sure my favorite, but definitely the one that connected to me outside of the game the most. For me he represented the lure of fantasy.

    Scarlet was the most grounded of all the girls, the most tight laced and in control. Even while playing her I found it hard to keep the same interest I had with the other girls. I couldn’t craft a very good story behind her time in the forest. Pretty, decently happy girl with talent goes on a wander through some strange woods…eh too perfect, no fun. All the other girls I could come up with a reason for them to be in the woods, for them to have “gone off the path.” Scarlet just seemed dull.

    Until I saw her wolf. In my first run through she also found the mask. Coming to the theatre, finding the strange idol, and then ultimately “summoning” her wolf really struck me and gave Scarlet renewed life. Suddenly she had been just as bored as I was. Suddenly I was merged with the character and she had been searching for excitement, for something magical and thrilling and ecstatic. She wanted so desperately to lose control like the other girls that when she finally did, it broke her.

    Without getting too referential, it was the story arc of movies like Beautiful Creatures or, more recently, Black Swan. But getting the chance to play out that story arc, and participate in it without even knowing it, had a powerful effect on me.

    Anyway, rambling about that one experience of many is just my way of saying thanks for making an awesome game! :D

    P.S.–Learning that he was called the Fey Wolf only made me more excited.
    Don’t eat that Fairy Fruit!!

  15. Thank you for sharing your experience, SunflowerTeeth. Makes me feel a bit jealous. ;)
    (sorry that our blog ate your comment at first)