The Making of Charming Wolf

March 25th, 2010 by Auriea

Far back as I can remember, Charming Wolf has been driving me crazy. He was the first of the men I had to make. And I’d never modeled a man before. I knew everything about him though. The muscle car he drove and the motorcycle. His dirty hands covered in motor oil,… I knew him right down to the wolf’s head belt buckle. We used him for tests. I personally had to remodel him twice and still don’t think I got him exactly right.

I don’t think it was the first time he and Ruby met at the playground either.

3 Responses to “The Making of Charming Wolf”

  1. Hana

    I always think I’ve sussed Ruby’s wolf until I see him dragging that carpet across the woodland floor… is it just a warning that he’s bad news or something more? It’s these little things that are the reasons why I’ve fallen in love with this game and it *still* keeps me up at night pondering – 7 months since I first bought it.

  2. Euphony

    I love that look of decay on the surface of his skin. He may be creepy, but he’s also fun to speculate about.