The Making of Girl in White/Red Wolf

March 24th, 2010 by Auriea

They are not the same girl. Or are they?

The Girl in Red Wolf is an even bigger mystery than The Girl in White when you meet her.

The Girl in White was the first model made for The Path prototypes. We couldn’t keep re-using the girl model from 8. The Girl in White of The Path is much older. I was perfectly ready for a re-design and asked the help of Ted Pendergraft. Here are a couple of his suggestions. But everything he gave seemed too much of a radical departure from the original girl. I think that if he could have worked with us longer we would have come to something great. But he had other work at the time which drew him away. I went back to my original concept for this character and started from scratch. We always wanted one of the wolves to be female, it just had to be. We liked the concept of there being twins in the game. (at one time we’d even thought of making Ginger and Rose be twins.) But then at some point, it felt good to split the Girl in White into her shadow self. And the girl most likely to be attracted would have to be Ginger. A girl stuck between child and teenager and a total Tomboy.

A switch in hairstyle & dress and The Girl in White becomes The Girl in Red Wolf. click to see them larger.

Now perhaps the Girl in White and the Girl in Red are aspects of each other. The Girl in White always trying to be helpful to those lost in the forest and Girl in Red is always playing tricks, her disappearing act, tripping Ginger up so she falls, etc. And all those birds that suddenly show in the field… Maybe the girls have encountered her before and that’s why they keep chasing the Raven away on The Path… they don’t want the Girl in Red Wolf around! Only Ginger wants to play with her, unlike her sisters this wolf likes rough games, she understands. Ginger doesn’t want to grow up and this wolf in red doesn’t either. They are 3 of a kind, all 13 years old, they are what is missing from each other’s lives. So Ginger wants to play…

… and who can blame her, she is the perfect playmate.

7 Responses to “The Making of Girl in White/Red Wolf”

  1. Rick

    “Maybe the girls have encountered her before…”

    Oh, yes.

    I’ve no doubt that they have. :)

  2. Ginger was the first thing I had ever seen on The Path and the Red Wolf just…CONFUSED me when I saw it. To be honest, it STILL confuses me. I just don’t get the Girl in Red. Rick, what’s your theory? This stumps me every time.

  3. Rick

    Not so much a theory… more like a hazy, ephemeral “Aha!”

    Given the clues (boots, tent, possibly even skin) in the Huntsman post and the concept art Auriea posted in the comments (the apple symbloism is still nagging at me!), I can only guess that the Huntsman plays a “paternal” role to the Girl in White. And possibly the Girl in Red.

    The Girl in White shows up at the red apartment. She may or may not live there. But the assumed “mother” entity is/was there; she is likely the one who gives the sisters their basket and wine to take to dear, sweet Grammy. At least, this is assumed because of the connection to the fairy tale.

    If the Girl in White and the Girl in Red are… mirror images? Twins? Two sides of a self? Sisters? Then, I can only assume that her/their familiarity with the red apartment would have brought her/them in contact with the red sisters before.

    Of course, this is not to say that the apartment, the sisters, or the Girl in Red even exist.

    In the classic sense, anyway.

  4. Ohh! I just wasn’t thinking of The Girl in Red AS the Girl in White. I’ve already come to all of the above conclusions about the Girl in White, but for some reason my brain didn’t put them together.

    Interesting. So then, presuming that Grandma is the GiW’s wolf, but the GiW seemingly escapes, what aspect kills grandma? The GiW or the GiR?


    If they’re the same coin then where does that put Ginger in relation to Grandma? If she’s closer with the GiW/GiR, that makes her a murderer, but if she’s closer with Grandma, that makes her a wolf.

    There’s something else too. The flowers in the field. I never got what they did. Grandma’s face would flash when they were picked, but they also appear on the GiR during the revelation flashes.

    Stop me if I stop making sense, it’s been a long day and I’m not exactly thinking straight.

  5. Euphony

    Well, I imagine that Scarlet, Carmen, and Ruby have encountered her, at least.

    The Girl in Red sneaks up on Ginger, who is at that threshold between childhood and adolescence. She’s basically the perfect personification of… something. :) Ginger doesn’t want to grow up, but the GiR catches her anyway. You can’t escape her.

  6. FoX

    So… I have this idea of TGiR being related to TGiW trough sisterhood, tough they don’t really like each other they’re still sisters. TGiW promised not to disturb TGiR as long as TGiR would just mind her own buisness. TGiW does have a hard time keeping that promise some times as she worries about Ginger and the other girls.

    I also have the weird idea of TGiR being like the “godfather” over a few of the wolves (Fey, Woodman and possibly charming), or at least related to all of them. When Ginger appears she falls head over heals in love and… Well, something like that.

    I imagine that She tells ginger about “A place where you’ll be a kid forever”, but really, I’m just 14, not like I’ve got the best ideas xP