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The Path translations beta available

December 11th, 2009 by Michael

Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, The Path can now be played in several different languages. Next to the original English version and our own Dutch translation, which were part of the game at launch, a new patch will now allow you to play The Path in

  • Danish -translation by Tobias Kosmos and Nicklas Beck Jørgensen
  • French -translation by Yann Cossiaux
  • Hungarian -translation by Kiss Helga, Dékány Csilla and Ország Tibor
  • Italian -translation by Matteo Sarnari
  • Portuguese -translation by Bruno de Figueiredo
  • Romanian -translation by Andra Andrei
  • Spanish -translation by Ricardo Oyon

Please download a beta version of the free language patch and post or mail any errors you might find.

A Polish and a Russian translation are commercially available through 1C and Topware (or the latter also in our store). A Japanese translation will be published by Zoo.

Additionally German, Korean, Arabic and Czech translations are currently being developed and will be added to the language patch when they are done.

Also, if you’re a native speaker of a language not mentioned in this post, and you think you could come up with fitting translations for the Red Girls’ poetic thoughts, please send a message to reception at, explaining why you think you’re qualified. :)