The Path of Carmen

July 4th, 2009 by Auriea

seeing this… just randomly found on youtube
I am thinking we should make some official videos giving away some of the secrets of Grandmother’s House.
I don’t think it will spoil it for those who want to play, and havent.
What do you think?

For myself, I rather like seeing it this way… makes me happy that someone liked it enough to upload it. All those videos on youtube… wow…. Of course… if you watch all the ‘related videos’ above… that’s another matter entirely ;)

8 Responses to “The Path of Carmen”

  1. please give away a couple of secrets about grandmothers house! ive spent 5 hours playing just today to try and work it out… i have my theories…

  2. I have to admit, seeing videos like this pushed me to purchase the game. It’s well worth being able to experience it for yourself. It’s beautiful, yet sad and nostalgic and even disturbing but so incredibly relatable. Congratulations to the creators for making something so lovely!

  3. imi

    pleeease put some explanations up for grandmothers house! what does the knife mean, either in the table or not! the fridge?! the chicken! and as 4 the scary deers head i mean, aaah! xxx

  4. Alex

    i would personally like an explanation of grandmothers house. In my opinion the game can be interpreted in many different metaphorical ways, but I really wish to know the truth/secrets of this game. For people who haven’t played it yet, perhaps you could put a spoiler alert or something? Or, in an updated version of the game you could unlock the secrets of the grandmothers house in an explanation maybe??

  5. :) we will certainly consider it. but we would so much rather know what other people think of Grandmother’s house!

  6. Sailas

    It would have been really great if there were some explanations by the developers. Of course, players can interpret the game in different way, but it would have been very interesting to know, what did the creators of the game have in mind when created each situation. What did really happen to the girls? I think this question is intriguing for many of us…)
    P.S. Ah, poor Carmen . I feel really sad about her-the only thing she wanted and needed is love. Her comments about the two-headed teddy bear and about wanting to carve a heart with the name of her love-to-be ,in my opinion, show that she really wanted , like many other girls, to find the One-and , being inexperienced, made a terrible mistake. Poor girl. It shouldnt be like that, it shouldnt….

  7. scab

    Ah, that video… Uncle Buñuel would be proud.

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    [...] guy who comes and saves Red from the wolf. Instead we chose to make the Woodsman one of the wolves. The Path of Carmen is one of the more hotly argued chapters in our game because it seems to be the most obvious. [...]