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The Path for Mac is NOW available!

May 7th, 2009 by Auriea

Tale of Tales is proud to announce that The Path is ALIVE on Mac OSX from this day forward!

Thanks to the lovely people over at Transgaming who, with their voodoo powers, helped us to create The Path for a new platform!

In other news of things good: has been refreshed and rebooted with a new product:

The Path Mac USB Deluxe Edition! Extra goodies and such, just like the PC version (which, by popular demand, we also have back in stock!), but custom made for Mac. You can’t play the early demos of the game on your Mac, for example, but we will make a few videos of the highlights so you don’t need Bootcamp to laugh at our girls’ first awkward steps. On the other hand, we’ll be putting some things on there just for Mac users… I’l try to get creative.

So, another milestone reached in The Path project. This really means that the work has only just begun. Now we can get to patching the Windows version of the game. Including fixes for problems that were reported on the forums. Solutions were found during the making of the Mac version. But, I’m sure you Mac folk will keep us busy too. All steps on the road to perfection, which is always a few kilometers further away than we hoped. Enjoy the game!

oh but, ONE MORE THING! :D
I made some new desktop wallpapers for you…

They’re based on the pages at the Grandmother’s House site. Hope you like them!

Story Trailer

May 7th, 2009 by Michael

This is our attempt at making a more traditional game trailer. I know: fail. :) But we can try, can’t we? ;)

There’s surprise at the end for certain people who haven’t been able to play The Path yet…