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(ToT) jetlag theater presents….

March 19th, 2009 by Auriea

Posters post

March 19th, 2009 by Auriea

Here are the results of the little photoshoot I mentioned last week. Our model did a fabulous job, never fearful of spiders, willing to lay down in the mud and hold giant posters in the blowing wind like a pro. ;)

The Path - Rose poster The Path - Ginger poster The Path - Carmen poster The Path - Ruby poster The Path - Ruby poster The Path - Robin poster 2009-03-15 at 12-48-34 The Path - Robin poster The Path polaroid cards 2009-03-15 at 12-55-25

Several of these are used as product shots in the store but since I didn’t have room there for them all, thought I’d post ‘em here too.

and lets face it, me and Michael are totally jet-lagged and excited… can’t sleep, might as well upload images to flickr, right. ;)

The Path is available NOW!

March 19th, 2009 by Auriea

We landed in San Francisco just a few short hours ago. We got to the hotel and hour before the planned 9pm launch time and spent the last 15 minutes staring at the clock. Time seemed to go so much slower while we were waiting!

But I am super pleased to announce,

You can buy The Path now.

also our online store for physical souveniers of The Path (posters, cards, USB sticks) is OPEN too!

Thank you for supporting indie games! :)