Goodies! Zero… or Origins… or whatever you call a prequel…

March 16th, 2009 by Auriea

our biggest fan \(^_^)/

So, this is photo of our own in-house cosplayer taken yesterday just before we went out for a photoshoot among the trees. (You will see the results of that soon, yesyes.) She holds her latest creation… A ‘Ruby’ outfit made for her doll. She would like you all to know that Rose is her favorite Red Girl because they are the same age. We tried to tell her that she is too young to play The Path… this seems to not matter to her… she just wants a poster of Rose. Done deal!

The Path tear off poster The Path tear off poster The Path tear off poster

Here is an idea we got from the creative folks in the forums. Basically it is a way that YOU can help us spread the word about The Path in the offline world! Except for the occasional magazine mention we have absolutely no offline advertising :( SO why not download one of these tear-off posters! :) Print it out… add your own touches: draw wolves all over it, make a portrait of your favorite Red Girl… write a mini-review, or a poem… whatever. make it colorful… or invert the image to black and hang it in a night club/grocery store/library/bus stop etc. And please send us a photo when you’re done! Post it in the forums… we’d love to see what you come up with!

Fan Kit collage

Last but absolutely not least, we have uploaded a Fan Kit for you. It contains forest backgrounds, silhouetted images of the girls, screenshots, logos and other things which you may use to make graphics for your website or blog. Maybe you’ve been dying to make a Path fansite?… hey, now you have what you need to get that project going ;) It’s all on the downloads page. Make sure you link back to us is all we ask.

Okay… this will likely be the last blog post before the game is out… we are quite excited and quite proud to be releasing the game after such a long production. While the game may or may not be everything you ever dreamed of, we hope you will give it a chance, let it set your imagination on fire, and that you will ponder and enjoy. Your enjoyment will motivate us to make more games like this in the future!
Next post will be from another continent! Thank you all for your encouragement and support! :-*