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Goodies! part 1

March 6th, 2009 by Auriea

This is the first peek at what we will be selling through the Tale of Tales online store starting March 18th!
We received today the “polaroid” prints of all the girls and could not be more pleased! These are offset print on thick paper stock with a special gloss layer on the image area which gives them a rich color and the feel and appearance of a real polaroid photo. :D

My images here (taken in the excitement of opening the boxes!!) are running a bit dark actually but I promise to make better photos of everything at a later date. click the images to see them bigger

the box! pile of Ruby polaroids all 6 girls the glory of Rose all 6 and the back too Real polaroid vs. Fake polaroid

We are working with one of the best printers here in Belgium to make all of our printed materials the highest quality possible. We don’t make physical objects often but when we do we definitely want to make them as beautiful as we can… no killing trees without a good reason ;) we want you to keep these items and treasure them. More soon!