December 16th, 2008 by Michael

A German publisher once refused to work with us because our production relies on Auriea and I too much. We were not expendable and that was a liability. Of course, making anything artistic relies on the vision, presence and activity of an artist, a person, an individual. Unwillingness to take the risk to rely on an individual, basically amounts to unwillingness to produce anything artistic.

That doesn’t mean that the risk is not real. There is always a finite amount of money available. Money that mostly serves the purpose of keeping the staff nourished and sheltered. If said staff works on the production in the mean time, all is well. But what if a staff member falls sick? They still need to be nourished and sheltered. So the money still flows out. But they don’t contribute to the production anymore. Problem.

That dreaded moment has arrived now. I have a bit of a flu. So far, it isn’t bad yet. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get worse. But if it does, well, we will have a serious problem. Our schedule is very tight. Especially now. We can’t afford to not work on the game.