It is done.

Michaël Samyn, December 12, 2012

Three years after our previous release, two years after acquiring production funding, 15 months after the reference collecting began, a year after starting the actual work and 2 months after the original tentative release date, it is done, our crazy plan to make a multiplayer game about two people sharing a virtual space talking in sentences from Marguerite Duras has solidified in a download available now from the new website.

If you’ve been following this diary, you know that making this thing has not been straightforward and that there have been many doubts and worries along the way. Some trivial, some achingly existential.

The creation of Bientôt l’été has been a life altering process for me. So much so that I feel I am starting anew. I have discovered so much, learned so much, changed so much.

I’m not sure if I ever want to do this again.

But the result of all this is the very consolation. Not just because I find it very soothing to walk along the virtual shore or move chess pieces around in cyber space. But also because there’s so much in Bientôt l’été that inspires to do more. Even if it’s far from perfect or ideal, it’s invigorating.

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