I don’t care about interaction.

Michaël Samyn, July 10, 2012

I’m afraid I might not care about interaction anymore. The thought came to me as I was tweaking Bientôt l’été in response to alpha-test feedback.

For some reason I cannot recall -or maybe there was none- you collect things in one part of this game which you then use in another. What was I thinking? What’s the point?

I’ve designed several ways both for collecting and using these items. It apparently doesn’t matter to me exactly how you collect or use them. I only care about the effect.

I wanted to create a conversation constructed with more or less random French phrases. That’s the entire reason why Bientôt l’été exists.

Not that only having this conversation would have satisfied me. I care deeply about the environment we have created, the mood, the sound, the visual appearance.

I’m happy enough with the walking activity on the beach. Though I couldn’t care less about how exactly you control the avatar. I wish players could just design and use their own preferred way of navigating.

Maybe we need another type of platform for this kind of work. A 3D world exploration platform that gives the author complete control over how the world and its inhabitants (including the avatar) look and behave. But that allows the user to do whatever they wish in it (within the limitations of their avatar).

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