Honest or popular.

Michaël Samyn, October 16, 2012

I’m sure that there are many people who are by nature kind and joyful and generous and happy with just about anything they encounter. For others it takes more effort to be positive all the time. And for yet others, being a cheerful participant would require deep dishonesty.

I’m pretty sure I fall in the latter category. That doesn’t mean that I am an eternal pessimist. On the contrary: it probably means I am more hopeful than most. As such my expectations are high and I am quickly disappointed. I am impatient.

One of the most fascinating things I have learned from Lionhead’s superb first Black & White videogame is that the quickest way to make the player like a character, is to make the character seem to like the player.

I think this process occurs in real life as well. If you like people, they will like you back. And what a wonderful time we live in for liking! Liking is the very basis for our dear persistent and pervasive web 2.0. We are all liking each other 24/7. We have never been more happy.

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