Michaël Samyn & Auriea Harvey share some of the ideas and feelings involved in the creation of their videogame Sunset.

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  1. Hello, i’ve just read of the situation of tale of tales, and i must say i am shocked.

    I’ve purchased and enjoyed all the previous game you guys made, and i got worried about something, is there any issue that the game Sunset will disappear / get removed anytime soon from the Steam platform ?

    I was interested on picking it up as it seems an interesting game, but the current pricetag for me is out of range currently D:

    Thanks in advance for reading, and hopefully replying back to my message.

    Good luck, and may you guys make it out somehow !

  2. Hello,

    I just read your Sunset post mortem post, and I was most struck by your statement, “We even took out an advertisement on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, where we figured the people most interested in Sunset would be gathered.” I haven’t played Sunset – repeat, I haven’t played the game, because the $20 price point is a little steep for me – but I don’t think your target audience is the Rock, Paper, Shotgun crowd.

    Sunset reminds me of an indie film. Plenty of independent movies attract mainstream interest, and some of them are quite unlikely at first blush. However, initially those films are marketed towards the type of people that enjoy the avant garde. You wouldn’t find an ad for that type of film on, say, I don’t know, Metacritic? Rotten Tomatoes? Those are mainstream sites (I think), just as Rock, Paper, Shotgun is a mainstream site.

    You need to find the type of people who would spend money on a independent film. I believe you likely marketed towards the type of people who can’t wait for the next Avengers movie, and I don’t know how much crossover exists between those two archetypes.

    Just a thought. Best of luck to you – the gaming world needs games, and more importantly, minds like yours.


  3. Hey guys,

    Hope all is well with you. I came by your website today because I just finished Sunset for the third time (yes, third xD) and I’m so sad about your news of leaving video games behind.

    I understand where your coming from and I hope your future will be filled with more brightness. BUT, you will be dearly missed by me. I hadn’t felt so connected to a game since I played Shadow of the Colossus, and always relied on you guys to supply me with these amazing video games (I know…I’m selfish…).

    If you do ever try to throw yourself into a video game again, I will be right there!

    Thanks for all you have done for me, I am grateful! 😀

    With love and warm thoughts,

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