The deaf-mute Girl in her pretty white Dress is not simply an avatar for the player. She is an autonomous entity with a will of her own. Her behaviour is influenced by the style of the player and by the environment. If you treat her well, she will help you solve puzzles and surprise you. If you neglect her, she will sulk or find other ways to amuse herself.
Next to her mood and personality, her abilities evolve as well. She acquires magical powers that allow for new ways to interact with the environment.

The Palace may have been frozen in time, but you and the little Girl have the ability to undo the damage that has been done and return it's former splendor. Since “8” is a completely non-linear game, the palace will be accessible at all times. No levels or mysteriously closed doors will stop you from exploring the grounds. For this purpose, the player has complete control over the game camera.
The game is set in an enchanting universe filled with sleeping people, inspired by the paintings of 19th century orientalists, a blend of exotic curiosity and self-indulgent fantasy.

“8” offers plenty of opportunities for playful interaction with a large amount of elements in a non-competitive and non-violent way. A sophisticated yet easy-to-use point-and-click interface should please both novice players as well as hardcore gamers. All puzzles have multiple solutions and multiple outcomes. The point is not to achieve the goal so much as to enjoy the ways towards it.

While “8” does not tell a linear story per se, it's universe is packed with narrative elements inspired by many different versions of the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. You can discover hidden stories by making connections between different scenes. Or you can simply let yourself float on the poetic wealth of the environment.
Ever since the clean-up activities by the brothers Grimm, fairy tales have been considered stuff for children. Most of the stories that inspired “8”, however, are much older and much more suitable for a mature audience. Children will be able to play the game but only adults will enjoy it fully.

The designers and directors of “8” are the award winning authors of sophisticated and emotional multimedia websites like The Godlove Museum, Skinonskinonskin, Wirefire, Eden.Garden, Guernica, and so on and so forth (visit Entropy8Zuper!).
With that background, they offer a unique approach to game design. Their know-how and artistic sensitivities garantee a deeply enjoyable interactive experience in delightfully lush surroundings.