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21 May 2015

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Sunset is a first person exploration game that takes place in a single luxurious penthouse apartment in the capital of a fictitious Latin American country in 1972. As housekeeper Angela Burnes you get to know the owner of the apartment, Gabriel Ortega, by going through his things while he is away. A relationship develops between two people who never meet while war breaks out in the city. A violent uprising has begun against the military regime that holds the country in a stranglehold. Will you get involved with the rebellion? Will Ortega? And if so, how?


With Sunset we are embracing the various audiences who love our games, while continuing to push the genre, and ourselves. Our aim with Sunset is to create a gripping, thourghtful and entertaining experience.


  • first-person exploration with familiar controls (WASD + mouselook), or customize for your comfort
  • atmospheric: cool 1972 style, reflections, sunset glow, stillness, tension of war, time passing
  • suspenseful story-driven gameplay: interact to explore the fiction
  • influence the relationship between the two protagonists
  • responsive environment (light switches, record players, electronic gadgets, etc)
  • soundtrack by the award-winning Austin Wintory (Journey, The Banner Saga, Monaco)
  • anywhere from 90 minutes to 22 hours of gameplay, depending on your approach
  • explosions!


Sunset launch trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Awards & Recognition

    • "IndieCade Showcase @ E3 2015" Los Angeles, June 16-18, 2015

    Selected Articles

      • "Sunset uses the routine of labour to exquisite effect as a framework to tell a story about class and political revolution."
        - Simon Parkin, Eurogamer
      • "an enormously affecting examination of the impact of war"
        - Edge 281, July 2015, Edge
      • "Sunset is the work of a sometimes inscrutable studio at its most accessible, and its best. At once contemplative and incendiary, this is a quiet game within which burns a fierce revolutionary spirit."
        - Edge 281, July 2015, Edge
      • "a rare treat, an unusual and thrilling use of the video game medium"
        - Simon Parkin, Eurogamer
      • "Rather than focus on the explicit violence of a military coup, Sunset centers on the emotional brutality of war."
        - Reid McCarter, Playboy
      • "Sunset is a gift, an all too rare kind of game that focuses on people loving and hurting in mundane but almost unbearable ways."
        - Javy Gwaltney, Paste magazine
      • "Sunset is the sort of game we need more of."
        - Chad Sapieha, Financial Post
      • "Sunset is that rare game endeavours to challenge players to be entertained by something other than action. It wants us to engage a higher level of our minds, the part reigned by curiosity, empathy, and analytical thought."
        - Chad Sapieha, Financial Post
      • "Sunset is a short and rather lonely game, but it manages to use its vast stores of quiet to let a rich web of themes breathe through the player."
        - Evan Narcisse, Kotaku
      • "The art direction, set design and soundtrack in Sunset are all glorious."
        - Evan Narcisse, Kotaku
      • "Sunset is a fantastically polished example of an exploratory game which, despite taking place in a single location, conveys a brilliant story simply by making minor tweaks to the scene you occupy."
        - Daniel Carreras, VGChartz
      • "Tale of Tales has perfected the formula for storytelling in FPS adventure genre."
        - Lucija Pilić, Reboot magazine
      • "Sunset realizes the dream of all of Tale of Tales' previous works. It's a brilliant summary of what games can be."
        - M. Joshua Cauller, Plus 10 Damage
      • "Sunset takes advantage of every corner and interactive object in the apartment to tell a rich, complex story in a very natural way."
        - Lucija Pilić, Reboot magazine
      • "The story is excellent and will draw you in, making you feel as if you truly are Angela Burnes."
        - Jessica Mock, Hardcore Gamer
      • "Una storia interattiva che è in perfetto equilibrio fra ciò che racconta, ciò che lascia intuire, quel che permette di immaginare. Il risultato è uno dei giochi più raffinati degli ultimi anni."
        - Jaime D'alessandro, La Repubblica
      • "Entrare nell’ottica di un titolo così particolare e accettarne consapevolmente i limiti di gameplay significa allora poter godere di un’opera coraggiosa e magnetica, e per questo così rara e preziosa."
        - Joseph Arace, Everyeye.it
      • "Sunset acts as a thoughtful, pensive walk through social themes and struggles not often explored in this medium."
        - Josiah Renaudin, Game Spot
      • "Sunset, a first-person game from Tale of Tales, exists somewhere between the grand love story of Casablanca and the softly spoken pain of Raymond Carver’s characters. It is a game of startling beauty housing quiet but immense ambition."
        - Javy Gwaltney, Paste magazine
      • "Sunset manages to make you care about characters and a story that you never directly interact with."
        - Daniel Carreras, VGChartz
      • "Sunset is a wonderfully atmospheric slow burner and a valuable addition to a medium where the predominant approach to conflict is to just give you a big old gun and invite you to get stuck in."
        - Philippa Warr, RPS
      • "The act of housekeeping sounds like a curiously mundane fit for a video game, but in its latest game Sunset, developer Tale of Tales has turned it into a welcome constant in a world of chaos. Sunset is a meditative and unnerving experience, and one I won’t forget quickly."
        - Lucy O’Brian, IGN
      • "Sunset is a meditative and ultimately quite beautiful experience in a world of civil unrest. Though its rigid mechanics occasionally disrupts the flow of the story, this is a rewarding game to be slowly savoured."
        - Lucy O’Brian, IGN
      • "The entire world of Sunset is masterfully crafted in every way."
        - Jessica Mock, Hardcore Gamer
      • "But, to paraphrase Anthony Hopkins in The Lion in Winter, when the only choices one can make are small, they matter."
        - Sam Zucchi, Kill Screen
      • "Ultimately, the game hangs like a pendulum, waiting for the player’s hand to send it this way or that, to pass through the darkness of civil war, and cast their own meaning—like sunlight—upon the action."
        - Sam Zucchi, Kill Screen
      • "In short, there is an almost novelistic weight to the details that describe this game, and the parsing of these elements gives the game an uncommon richness."
        - Sam Zucchi, Kill Screen
      • "Sunset is unlike any game I have ever played."
        - Stephanie Smith, Gamer Headlines
      • "The apartment is exquisitely presented. Every object is authentic to the period, detail that, along with Austin Wintory's restrained soundtrack, lends significant weight to the ambiance."
        - Simon Parkin, Eurogamer
      • "The game elegantly communicates a very particular kind of relationship in the period world, in all of its power-dynamics and complexity."
        - Simon Parkin, Eurogamer
      • "Sunset tells a story about revolution via the reflection of domesticity, an unusual and thrilling use of the video game medium, and one that expands both its scope and its definition."
        - Simon Parkin, Eurogamer
      • "Tale of Tales' latest uses the routine of labour to exquisite effect as a framework to tell a story about class and political revolution."
        - Simon Parkin, Eurogamer
      • "Sunset offers an ever evolving experience that changes each time you play based on the choices you make, and immerses the player in a story of war, rebellion, art and (depending on how you play) love."
        - Alexx Aplin, ModVive
      • "A new wave of games is looking to change that by showing war from a range of different perspectives in order to make you think about it in a different way."
        - Andrew Webster, The Verge
      • "Tale of Tales has never been a conventional developer but that hasn't stopped over a thousand backers from funding its upcoming noir adventure Sunset on Kickstarter."
        - Jeffrey Matulef, Eurogamer
      • " Tale of Tales’ games have been consistently interesting, and a move towards the mainstream, although unlikely to result in a high-octane through-the-gun experience, should make for an interesting product, and an interesting process to observe as it is developed."
        - Daniel Nye Griffiths, Forbes
      • "For a studio which makes such quiet and contemplative games, Tale of Tales have been bafflingly controversial."
        - Alice O'Connor, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
      • "In this game then, the military story – the Battlefield story – is happening elsewhere, outside the windows. Tale of Tales want players to understand what it feels like to be trapped within it."
        - Keith Stuart, The Guardian
      • "No guns, no combat, no puzzles. Interesting, right?"
        - Patricia Hernandez, Kotaku
      • "Sunset, the most recent effort from high-concept developer Tale of Tales, a game that seeks to break through several gaming norms all in one fell swoop."
        - Michelle Starr, CNET
      • "A comparison to Gone Home is warranted here but Sunset's rummaging is more improvisational and playful."
        - Chris Priestman, Kill Screen
      • "Tale of Tales tells high-brow, intellectual and emotional stories with its games, including The Path and The Graveyard, and its latest project is Sunset, a first-person thriller set in the loft of a fictional South American city."
        - Jessica Conditt, Joystiq
      • "It will be interesting to see what Tale of Tales draws on to tell the story of Anchuria's military dictatorship."
        - Carly Smith, The Escapist
      • "If you were interested in checking out a new game that goes against the grain, Sunset could be a game worth taking a look at."
        - Tyler Lee, Ubergizmo
      • "Tale of Tales has a solid reputation for doing what it does and I'm very much looking forward to Sunset."
        - Andy Chalk, PC Gamer
      • "a remarkably diverse array of collaborators"
        - Alex Wawro , Gamasutra
      • "Times have changed quite a bit and most gamers are now open to a wider variety of experiences in their entertainment."
        - Marcus Estrada, Hardcore Gamer
      • "Tale of Tales makes a game about war and doesn’t give you a gun"
        - Tom Chick, Quarter to Three
      • "Sunset is a fascinating idea for a game."
        - Konstantinos Dimopoulos, IndieGames
      • "Angela's experience, and by extension the player's, will deal with questions of power, love and violence."
        - Megan Farokhmanesh, Polygon
      • "A very different perspective on war; not a man with a gun in the field or some faceless general, but a woman with a feather duster in a luxurious apartment, given one hour a day to both make things tidy and make a difference."
        - Richard Cobbett, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
      • "For any that are skeptical about the narrative story based game genre, take a look at Sunset it might change your mind."
        - Angelina Bonilla, Game Skinny
      • "Despite any current debate about the nature of what makes a game, Tale-of-Tales seem perfectly comfortable with pushing the boundary of artistic expression through video games."
        - Jesse Tannous, Examiner.com
      • "The way Angela interacts with objects in Gabriel’s apartment unfolds with the profound deliberation of a Japanese tea ceremony, where every move is the result of endless contemplation and the process itself is a microcosm of the universe."
        - Eric Thornton, TechnologyTell

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      About Tale of Tales

      Tale of Tales is a small independent studio operating out of Ghent, Belgium, lead by Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn. Since 2003 they have created 7 beautiful and poetic videogames such as: The Path, The Graveyard, Bientôt l'été and Luxuria Superbia. Tale of Tale's games are known for their unique style and unusual gameplay ideas. Outspoken and unafraid to thwart convention, they look forward to another 10 years of making games that have an impact on games culture and a place in players lives.

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      Sunset Credits

      Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn, Tale of Tales
      Design, Direction, art and programming

      Austin Wintory

      Kris Force

      Tina Marie Murray
      Voice acting

      Laura Raines Smith

      Leigh Alexander and Ste Curran, Agency
      Project direction advice

      Fiction Consulting

      Theresa Schlag
      3d Modeling and texturing

      Niklas Roth
      3d Modeling and texturing

      Joseph Silverman
      3d Modeling and texturing

      Lucie Viatge
      2D art

      Jurie Horneman

      Alex Mouton

      Barry Davis
      Military Consultant