Tale of Tales
Based in Ghent, Belgium

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5 October, 2009

PC / Mac / Linux


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Fatale is a first person experience. You play John the Baptist. Mostly. Most of the time. Perhaps you start playing as yourself towards the end. As usual, we like to leave as much as possible open to interpretation. Part of Fatale is played with traditional "First Person Shooter" game controls. But you don't have a gun. It's more like "First Person Waiting". You wait for your execution. Then, when you're dead, the bulk of the experience starts. It takes place on a terrace at night. Everything is still. Literally. This is the scene after the dramatic event. Most of the people have gone. Only Herodias, Salome and your executioner are still on the terrace. They're just standing there, doing nothing. You float around looking at things on the terrace. These things hopefully inspire imagination and interpretation, so you can make up your own story about what happened here. There's a game-like structure to this exploration, in the sense that there are a series of flames and when you extinguish a flame next to one scene, other scenes light up. That way a threaded sequence happens, which takes you slowly towards dawn, when the program ends.


Fatale was launched on 5 October 2009, the 78th anniversary of the first performance in England of Oscar Wilde's “Salome”.


  • Fly.
  • Float.
  • Control.
  • Examine.
  • Explore.


Gameplay Montage YouTube

Audio Trailer Vimeo

The making of the Dance of The Seven Veils Vimeo

Awards & Recognition

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    Selected Articles

      • "Video games rarely offer the chance to look so deeply at a single character, or to spend so much time lingering over an environment and enjoying it for its own sake. Tale Of Tales is a small team, but they went across disciplines to find experts in every field, from the art to the music to that wonderous dance sequence. Plenty of indies wear primitive graphics as a badge of honor; Tale Of Tales pulled off Fatale with a team of less than a dozen."
        - Edge Staff, Edge Online
      • "Indie game Fatale plays with death"
        - Daniel Nye Griffiths, Wired UK
      • "S.EXE: Tale of Tales’ FATALE (NSFW)"
        - Cara Ellison, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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      About Tale of Tales

      Tale of Tales is a wife and husband team of artists working out of their home in Ghent, Belgium. They have released 8 videogames in the past 12 years: The Endless Forest, The Graveyard, The Path, Fatale:Exploring Salomé, Vanitas, Bientôt l'été, Luxuria Superbia and Sunset. Tale of Tale's games are known for their unique style and unusual gameplay ideas which have had an impact on Indie Games history and their players. Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn have devoted their lives to the exploration of computer technology as an artistic medium. They are currently working on Cathedral-in-the-Clouds, a VR and cross media project, an attempt to offer spiritual contemplation to the digital age, inspired by Old Master art and Christian mythology.

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      FATALE: Exploring Salomé Credits

      Auriea Harvey
      Data Direction, Tale of Tales

      Michael Samyn
      Process Direction, Tale of Tales

      Laura Raines Smith

      Takayoshi Sato
      Character Design, Modeling


      Gerry De Mol

      Kris Force
      Music and Sound Effects

      Eleonore Valere Lachky