Working for the quiet people.

Michaël Samyn, December 2, 2012

One of the reasons why our culture is flooded with loud banality is that the people who enjoy silence and integrity are, in fact, silent. They do not talk. They do not participate in the collective circus of capitalism. They do not vote on things. Because they believe making a competition out of everything is demeaning. So what they believe in always loses.

This is not how they see it. Since there is no competition in their mind.

This is our audience. We are like them. It’s difficult. But we believe these people deserve our dedication. Even if they never tell us how much our work matters for them. Even if they stay far away from the social and commercial systems in which their participation could actually help us progress and produce more. We respect their silence, their refusal. We want to support it. Help them feel strong. Connected even, maybe. An invisible network of humanity hidden deep underneath the robotic constructions of consumerist democratic society. Holding each other’s hands so we stay afloat while the self-indulgent self-destruction continues outside.

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