Simple mysteries.

Michaël Samyn, December 12, 2012

For all my talk about Bientôt l’été being my last work of art, it actually already contains the seed of how I want to proceed next. Which makes it both the piece that explored the furthest and the one that allowed me to discover a new, simpler approach to this medium.

Next to its intellectual complexity and emotional confusion, there is also an aspect of Bientôt l’été that is very easy to enjoy. And I wouldn’t call this aspect shallow. It deals with less ambiguous matters but it still connects to the mystery of our existence. And that is where I want to be with my work.

To touch the mystery. To connect with it. To get an intuitive understanding, or at least a sense of belonging. And maybe when that is established, we do not need to dig so deeply anymore. Or we can find it simply amusing to do so. Complexity can be very light, if we can appreciate how strange and funny the degree is to which some things baffle us.

The things that help us, the things that move us, are always simple. We are simple creatures. Very limited in intellectual capacity. But we have big hearts. And when we feel joy, we cry.

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