Inspiration overload.

Michaël Samyn, December 4, 2012

When I look at the collection of reference material for Bientôt l’été, I can’t help but feel inspired. Not the nice and practical “I know what to do” kind of inspiration. But the depressing and discouraging “So much stuff, how will I ever address all of this?” kind.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot there that deserves consideration. What strikes me as specifically interesting at the moment is the number of pulp references. That makes me think that perhaps something can be made around Bientôt l’été‘s themes that is far more accessible than the current game.

There’s references to fashion, to science fiction, to eroticism, to romance, to nature. All very accessible subjects. I don’t regret making a rather difficult piece in the end. But the opportunity to revisit these things is appealing, if somewhat daunting.

I can think of a lot of things that I could do with this subject matter. But the easiest ideas to have are often the most complicated to execute. And since technology is not getting easier and distribution of software requires ever increasing levels of bureaucracy, as the corporations tighten their grip on the internet and therefor our audience, I am lately drawn to radically simple ideas. And those are the most difficult to get.

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