Art and not art.

Michaël Samyn, December 10, 2012

I’m very excited about the projects we will work on after Bientôt l’été. But they also make me realise how special this one is.

In at least one of our future projects, we will attempt to make something that people like. Something that players find nice, pleasant. This will be a major driving force behind the design. It has to be good, good in that way.

And I now understand that art is something different for me. Art is not necessarily good. It is honest first. That doesn’t mean that when creating art, I do not try my best to make the experience pleasant and well crafted. But this is not the primary driver for such work.

Maybe I see art creation a bit like scientific research, in the sense that whatever the outcome, the research doesn’t fail if done properly. Disappointing results do not invalidate the research.

Honest exploration motivates my art making. So if I set out to create something that pleases people, I can’t really call it art. That’s something else for me. Also valuable, but most certainly different.

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