Tale of Tales experiments & prototypes

ToT Experiments and Prototypes bundle
Thank you!
The anniversary sale is over. Thank you for your support!

For the occasion of our tenth anniversary, we are selling a bundle of experiments and prototypes, most of which have never been released before and will probably not be available later. All the money generated by this sale will go directly into the development of our next project. We deeply appreciate your generosity.

Since these are unfinished experiments, we cannot guarantee that they will behave perfectly on your computer. But we have tested them all and they do run fine on ours. Most of these require Windows . But there's quite a few of the more recent prototypes that run on OS X too, albeit sometimes not on the most recent versions of that platform.

Below is a brief description of the files in this bundle. For each of these you will get a download link after your purchase.
To discuss the projects in more detail and share your discoveries and tips, please use the dedicated forum.