Q: Wonderful! I see you are now bundling the DRM free (no serial number required) Mac and PC versions of The Path. I see The Path is available on Steam. I have bought the game from you previously, may I redownload?
A: YES! If you want to get an updated version + Steam key from us, just follow the download url in the email that was sent to you when you bought the game and request a new download at the site. (If you no longer have this email, please contact us and we will look up your order.) You will be sent a new download email containing not just the Steam key but the Mac and PC version of the game + The Path Soundtrack Album. It's a great deal that you can only get by buying directly from us.

Q: Is there a demo of The Path? I want to make sure it will run on my computer before I buy.
A: Yes. :) There is a free sample called "The Path - Prologue" that you can get from our downloads page. In fact we recommend that you try this to make sure the game will run on your hardware. Don't expect a lot of gameplay in the Prologue, it is meant to give you a small taste of what the game atmosphere is like, it is not a cut down version of The Path but a different chapter with content not in the final game.

Q: What languages is The Path localised in?
A: Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, The Path can now be played in several different languages. On PC, you can play The Path in English, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian or Spanish. To play in one of these languages you must download the free Translations Patch from our download page.
For now, the game is English only on Mac. We are working with the people who ported the game to Mac to make the translations available as soon as we can.


Q: Does The Path run on OSX Mavericks?
A: YES! At least, we hope all the bugs are ironed out. The one Known issue is that there is a sound glitch when running in the forest that makes some sound effects MUCH too loud. We are sorry if this startles you. If anything its making the game even creepier than before! But this temporary "feature" will be fixed in the next update to the game which we will get pushed out to you as soon as possible.

Q: I have a serious problem running the game on my computer. How can I completely uninstall The Path
  • Ensure you are logged in using an account which has Administrative privileges.
  • Delete the icon for "The Path" from your Applications folder.
  • To fully remove the application from your system, additional files to delete can be found (You may need to locate your User Library folder by holding down the Option Key and selecting it in the 'Go' menu of the Finder)
    /Users/<YourUsername>/Library/Application Support/The Path
    /Users/<YourUsername>/Library/Preferences/The Path Preferences -Please note that this folder also contains your saved games.
  • Install a fresh copy of the game to your drive.
  • If it still doesn't work, let us know. We can refund you or maybe help you fix it. Such is the way with software sometimes.

    Q: Will I be able to run The Path on my Mac?
    A: The Path for Mac only runs on Intel Machines with Mac OSX version 10.8 or better installed. 3d games require a video card in your machine. Some Macs do not have real video cards but instead have "integrated graphics" chips. If you have a recent (Core 2 Duo) iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac Pro you should not have a problem running the game. MacBooks and Mac Mini are not recommended because they lack true video card support. In our tests the game does run on these machines but you will have to sacrifce quality by turning options down to lower levels in order to achieve a smoother frame rate.

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