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In the garden, select a flower by turning the dial.
Complete a flower with a high score to unlock the next.

In a flower, touch the little buds to give color.
Try to stay in a colored flower as long as possible.

The score is shown in the upper left corner.
The more color, the faster your score will rise.
Fill at least one of the three discs to finish successfully.

Be careful not to finish too quickly.
When bouncing, touch the buds rapidly for more joy.
And finally, collect seeds for your garden.

The color you give to a flower colors the garden too.
Time spent in a colored flower makes its column grow.
Use the icon in the upper left to see the temple.


You are entering a flower.
The flower is blank.
But it enjoys color.

Your touch will color the flower.
If the color becomes too intense,
the flower will finish.

Sometimes that is what you want.
But most often, be gentle and slow.

Turn up the volume. Music is a big part of the experience!

Controls & Troubleshooting


Tap, slide, hold, touch… Use all your fingers on a tablet!
Switch off Multitasking Gestures in Settings > General on iOS so you can play with up to 10 fingers.
And of course, there is no limit to how many people can put their fingers on the screen.


Play with both joysticks on the gamepad. This gives you two touches.
Hook up another and play Co-op with a friend. This gives you four touches!


You can play with a mouse, this gives you one touch input. Click and hold to touch.
Hold down the middle or right mouse button too (or the shift or space key) to add a second cursor.

But it is best to play with a gamepad such as the Xbox 360 controller. The input is configured for the XBox 360 controller by default. Though other controllers may also work, we have not tested them all!

Play with both joysticks on the gamepad.
If needed, adjust the input for your controller in the Configuration Window on startup.
If you do not get an Configuration Window on startup then hold down the option key while launching the game.

The game receives input from two gamepads which allows you to play together with a friend. This gives you four touches at a time!

If you see a black screen in certain parts of the game, select the "No effects" graphics quality option in the dialog window when starting up.


Same as for PC.
But you may need to download a control panel to help you configure the gamepad. We have tested with this one.

The game receives input from two gamepads which allows you to play together with a friend. This gives you four touches at a time!


On Linux, due to a limitation of the Unity engine, the configuration window does not appear. Please adjust your input through a 3rd party utility.

Install the application: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-joystick
Configure the controller: sudo apt-get install joystick
Then run jscal -u 27,0,1,2,5,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,19,302,301,303,300,292,293,294,295,296,299,298,297,291,289,288,290,720,721,722

Show your current button mapping: jscal -q /dev/input/js0
There are also graphical tools.
Install: sudo apt-get install jscalibrator
Run: jscalibrator

The game receives input from two gamepads which allows you to play together with a friend.


Color appears in the flower when you move a cursor over a bud. Each bud will affect only the petal it is associated with. Petals are the lanes that make up the tunnel. The first flower has 4 petals, the last has 24.

In the later tunnels, some buds are cold. They can be recognized by their sharp point and different color (usually white). When a cold bud is touch, some or all of the color of its petal is removed. Cold buds can be seen as obstacles to avoid. But they can also be used strategically to prevent the flower from going over the edge. When a cold bud has been touched, it emits snow crystals and a spring-like sound.

A cursor can affect multiple buds, and thus multiple petals at once. The cursor grows when it is held still, and shrinks when it moves. The more cursors you use (fingers or thumbsticks), the smaller the individual cursors become.

Tapping on the buds is fun but not the easiest way to stimulate the flower. Sliding tends to work better and even holding the cursor still, allowing it to grow, on the less colored petals.

Your delight score (as seen in the upper left of the screen) will rise more quickly if all petals are evenly colored. And of course, the more they are colored, the quicker the score will rise. But be careful not to color the tunnel completely before you are certain that you want to end and go to the garden.

There are twelve flowers in the game. By completing the initial stage of a flower, you unlock the next one. Keep an eye on the countdown graphic in the upper left of the screen. When the countdown is done, a bronze disc will appear which signifies that foreplay is over. This means that the next flower will be unlocked when you go to the garden. And that the flower is ready to climax when all petals are fully colored. Before this first stage, fully coloring the petals will result in a quick exit.

In each flower, there are three stages that can be achieved: bronze, silver and gold.

In the climax, the buds jump up and down with excitement. touch them to make them explode. As climax increased, the color of the flower intensifies and starts shifting into the color of the next flower. The level of the climax is represented by a glow that surrounds the score graph in the upper left of the screen. When the glow surrounds the disc completely, the climax is complete. Feel free to let go and let the climax subside for a more playful game.

Time spent in climax is awarded with arrows through the heart that pops up after finishing a flower.

The delight you bring to the flower is also reflected in the column that supports its element in the Temple of Love in the garden. That column grows continuously over the course of multiple trips through a flower. To see the columns, press the button in the upper left of the screen when you are in the garden. In a flower, the size of its column is represented by the tiny black dots that surround the screen. When that frame is full, the columns is complete. When a column is complete, its dome will be colored.

At the end of a journey through a flower, a flood happens: seeds appear on the spots where the buds used to be. Touch these to collect them. Their number is shown in the upper left, under the score icon. The more seeds you collect in a flower, the more the corresponding patch in the garden will be colored, and the louder its bird will sing. When you reach the flood before achieving the bronze disc (see above), i.e. without a climax, there will still be seeds to collect, but fewer.


You can see more about Luxuria Superbia at the official website:

Need help? Email us!
If we get enough of the same questions we will put the answers here.


Created by TALE OF TALES: Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn

Music composed by Walter Hus

Voice: Caroline Asaert

Guitar: Brecht Ameel

Saxophone: Maarten Huysmans

Funding: Flanders Audiovisual Fund

Thanks for playtesting: Christine Kindt, Lieve Meeussen, Jonathan Hise Kaldma, Mike Tucker, Heather Kelley, Kelly Wallick, Greg Coomer, Jeroen Stout, Bogar Alonso, Erik Loyer, Lee Witney, Thomas Grip, Marie Lazar, Chris Bateman and Chris Pruett.

Thanks for beta-testing: David Alliet, Daniel Kurfess, Laura Rantonen, Rico Gujjula, Richard Caves, Carolien Heymans, Eliza Orlando, Alice Pirotte, Barbara Kciuk, Carisa Swenson, Tobias Kosmos, Ray Ambrosini, Peter Brinson, Hoshea Santoso, Johnnemann Nordhagen, Takumi Tsukuda, Darien Sumner, Rasmus Hungnes, Michael Nischt, Eltons Küns, Dragan Espenschied, Teruaki Onoda and Lorenzo Pigozzo.

Luxuria Superbia was released on 5 November 2013.

Supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.