Tale of Tales - Day of the Dead

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The Pay-what-you-wish sale is over.
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Here's some numbers and graphs...

1433 copies of the bundle were sold in 5 days.
A total of $9,718.73 US Dollars was paid.

629 People paid the minimum amount.
27 People paid 50 dollars or more. They receive a special surprise.
The highest price paid was 100 Dollars. 3 People did this. Thank you!

The gross revenue can be divided in five more or less equal parts.

Gross revenue made in North America and Europe is about the same.
Germany and the UK win in Europe.

When comparing sales with population, it appears that the bundle was most popular in Sweden, with almost 4 sales per million residents.

The charts for sales per platform and per gender are oddly similar.
We really need to encourage women to buy more games!

The average price paid by women was $7.37, while men paid $6.60 on average.
The average price paid for the Mac version was $7.60, for the PC version $6.62.

The Day of the Dead bundle includes these 3 remarkable videogames:

The Graveyard
The Path

The Graveyard is a very short game in which you play an old lady who visits a cemetery. You walk towards a bench, you sit down and you listen to a song. And then you die. Maybe.

The Path is a horror game inspired by Red Ridinghood. There is one rule in the game. And it needs to be broken. There is one goal. And when you attain it, you die.

Fatale is a living tableau filled with references to the legend of Salome. You play John the Baptist, after he was beheaded on the whim of a spoiled princess.

"From the realistic birds flitting about to the way the sounds of the street fade as you move further into the sanctuary, Tale of Tales again demonstrate a remarkable capacity for crafting ambience."
John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun

"What I do know is that for as indefinable as The Path may be, I find myself thinking about it long after I stop playing. The Path is an odd, but beautiful experience that gives me hope for what games can be."
Susan Arendt, The Escapist

"The subtle motions of Salome's veils and the dramatic colors on the face of her murderous mother are but two examples of the game's striking art style that comes back to haunt you even after you've completed the game."
AJ Glasser, Kotaku

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