Welcome in the
Tale of Tales - 8
Demo Zone.
Download Demo 1: The Formal Dining Room (38 MB).
Don't forget to read the Read Me file! (also included in the .zip).
Email your comments and suggestions to demo1@Tale-of-Tales.com!!

Recommended minimal system for optimal display of this demo:
Windows 2000 or XP
1.5 Ghz CPU or better
256 MB of RAM or better
Geforce 4 graphics card or better (64 MB of video memory or more)
DirectX 8.1 or better
50 MB of free hard disk space
Attention! Radeon 9800 systems with the latest driver Catalyst 3.8 driver (version will crash when trying to run this demo. Older drivers do not have this problem.

A walkthrough description of this demo (with screenshots) is available for the hardware-impaired, the lazy, the curious and the desperate.

Testers who have already installed version 1a, can upgrade to version 1b by downloading this patch.