Tale of Tales

Bundle of ALL our videogames: Luxuria Superbia, Bientôt l'été, Vanitas,
Fatale, The Path, The Graveyard

Mac/PC/Linux*/Android**/Steam + Soundtracks

* Linux versions of Luxuria Superbia, Fatale and The Graveyard only. ** Android versions of Vanitas, Luxuria Superbia, and The Graveyard.
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Our three innovative narrative videogames: Fatale, The Path & Bientot l'ete

Fatale explores the biblical legend of Salomé as retold by Irish playwright Oscar Wilde. The Path brings to the modern age the ancient folk tale of Little Red Ridinghood. And Bientôt l'été pays homage to the amorous imaginations of French novelist and film maker Marguerite Duras.

Mac/PC/Steam + Soundtracks


also avaiblable on: iOS, Android and OUYA



Mac/PC/Steam + Soundtrack

also avaiblable as an USB Edition


Extravagant package Mac/PC/Steam
+ Soundtrack + extras
$40 $30

also avaiblable as an USB Edition

also avaiblable on: iOS,

only on: iOS and Android

PC/Mac/Steam + Song

also avaiblable as an USB Edition
also avaiblable on: iOS and Android


PC/Mac/Steam + Song

also avaiblable as an USB Edition


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