Exhibitions & Presentations

Here's a list of exhibitions and presentations featuring our work, from the past the present and future.

Currently working on

A small iPad game based on cncntrc research

A new version of 8

The Cosmos and the Cave

Cncntrc collection of reference material

The Book of 8

The Book of 8 collection of reference material

The Kiss

An interactive exploration of 3D scans of our naked bodies embraced in a kiss.

Min en Meer

A game made for the Min en Meer CD by Gerry De Mol and Eva De Roovere. Here's a demo.


Prototypes made for a Foam project.

Drama Princess

Project website

Sunset Appreciation Society



In a previous life, Auriea and Michael made net art. From 1995-1999 She had a site called Entropy8.com and he had a site called Zuper.com. When we met in 1999 we merged to form Entropy8Zuper.org and together we made many, many things.