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Author Topic: New YouTube "Let's Play" series  (Read 1887 times)

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March 12, 2014, 12:08:06 am
Hello everyone. My name is Van and I make videos on YouTube of me playing and commentating over games.  I primarily do Minecraft and sometimes The Sims, but I've been wanting to branch out to other games. I really love exploration games, peaceful games where you build and create, games that don't focus on puzzles or shooting/killing other players/monsters. I remembered yesterday this game "The Endless Forest" (it took me a while to recall the name, I thought it was 'The Enchanted Forest for a while') which I played five+ years ago. I was happy to see it's still around, and although it doesn't appear to have been updated as much as I'd hoped in the last five years, the game was already pretty serene and fun when I first joined.

I've decided to do a little series on YouTube of my time on the Endless Forest. Although my old account still works (though my 'name' was changed to something unattractive, sadness), I decided to make a new account so I could start as a fawn again and experience everything anew with my viewers.

My first episode went up today and you can find it here.  While I'm perfectly capable of entertaining and exploring myself, I'd really love to have others interact with me "on camera" so to speak, as I think playing with other deer in the quiet, text-free format of The Endless Forest is a large part of the unique appeal of the game.  So, if you ever see me online, please come over and say hi. If it works correctly, I've attached a screenshot of my fawn showing my "name" so you might recognize me in the game.

I also run a Twitter account at @vanryderlp and I may tweet out when I plan to log on, in the effort of getting some of my viewers to join me in-game.