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Author Topic: An honest response about Sunset.  (Read 2959 times)

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July 21, 2015, 04:13:54 am
Now, I'm not terribly familiar with the folks at Tale of Tales.

I'd just heard of Sunset recently and read up on its story and have been able to experience the game in a few different ways and as well as taking in a lot of opinions from different people.

Given all the information I've seen, and the final product that was Sunset I honestly have to ask: What did you guys spend nearly $70K US on in this game?
I understand that you guys are known for a less traditional approach to games, but you still do need to have the merit of being an interactive experience which Sunset honestly is not. What I see is a lot of story telling without engaging the player in any manner or fashion. That's all you really need to do. Engage the player. You don't need to spend tons on advertising or graphics or anything like that.

Take a game like The Stanley Parable for example. It should be considered to be in the same genre as Sunset. We're talking about an indie game that two people made, and three people composed music for. It was able to sell 100,000 copies in the first three days alone by simply being an engaging experience for the player.

Sunset is in a very common place where it's too much story, not enough interaction. There are a lot of things going on in Sunset, and that's something that is to be appreciated artistically; however, where Sunset falls short is how boring Angela's experience is overall. This sort of goes to a core ideal of story telling, it's okay to tell the story through the eyes of someone who isn't a key player in the story, but that story can't revolve around that particular person's actions as they relate to the story. If instead of having this game revolve around Angela you instead made it revolve around Ortega and possibly made Angela's experience a minigame or something to that effect, maybe something to include after completing critical instances of Ortega's experiences, that would have sold drastically better. For what Sunset actually is, asking $20 USD for it is outrageous. $10 USD is pushing it even. If you want to see some immediate profit for this, release some new content for it that gives the player a better overall experience, and slash the price to somewhere between $5 and $10.

I don't think that you guys should pack it in in terms of game development, everything you've done shows potential, I just get the feeling that you yourselves don't understand what a game is, or what makes a game good, and if nothing else, take from this post that I believe you can make something that is both excellent in terms of gameplay and inspiring as a work of art, but Sunset definitely isn't that. It's an excellent story that's well written interestingly relayed to the player, but you don't get far in the games industry by having only one of maybe 5 requirements for a good game. So again, rather than quitting just take Sunset as a learning experience and do better on your next release, okay?