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Author Topic: Idea for the endless forest  (Read 3268 times)

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September 23, 2013, 05:30:43 pm
Something that i have been thinking about.. But idk if it's too hard or will ruin what they trying to make.. But honestly i dont think it will

Well this idea is to create some excitement and some teamwork in the game!
And thats having a predator (not played by players)

Well kinda a predator..
It's a shadow (looks like black flames) in a wolf form.. You can notice its coming if pay attention and listen carefully..
This shadow wolf hunts young fawn.. If you're a fawn and see the wolf.. Run!! These is no other choice!!
And the wolf will run after..

But.. The wolf do not mess with big deer's! So if you're a fawn you must quickly find an adult! Of course that alone wont chase the wolf away.. We all know that these mystical deer's do not fight.. But the wolf do not know that.. So the adult deer must roar at the wolf and intimidating it! The wolf will back away slowly but not yet willing to give up the fawn..
But when more adults deer group up together and Roar at the wolf! The wolf will give up and disappear

The adults have manage to protect the fawn with teamwork and no violents because such thing is not needed..

And thats how you can escape the wolf.. Maybe you can outrun it.. But the chance are small..

Some of you may be wondering what will happen if the shadow wolf manage to catch a fawn?
This beast does not eat meat.. No.. If the shadow wolf manage to catch a fawn.. It will disappear into the fawn make it go to sleep and make the Poor faen have deep dark nightmares.. For thats what this wolf feast on.. And the fawn.. Will not be able to wake up by itself.. No.. Someone must go to it fawn or an adult deer and wake it up! Or.. The fawn never will..

Hehe.. This the idea i thought they could have in the game.. Create something exciting yet mystical. And it will make a special story for the players. And create a little bond between them.

As you heard the wolf aren't really dangerous, but if you caught by it you will fall asleep and have nightmares (the fawn moves and makes noice while asleep) and another player must wake you up or you'll continue to sleep (we can make it so if no one wakes you up after 24hours you'l wake up by yourself)

So what you think of this idea? I dont think it will create violents since the shadow wolf will not be a player but a part of the game. And the only the players can do is to run and seek help from players (who are adult deer's) and protect (scare the wolf away)

I dont think it will ruin what they are trying to make.. And it will make the game more mystical ^^

Of course i just of this idea overnight x) so theres allot of improvment that can be done

But otherwise what you guys think? Stupid idea or a good idea?

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September 24, 2013, 02:18:02 am
Wolves in TEF have and always will be a giant NO.

The game is supposed to be peaceful, not worrying about if you're going to be attacked by some shadow wolf. Regardless if it's an NPC or not.

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September 24, 2013, 03:43:04 am
Alright.. Acceptable. Just a thought after all..
Just pretend i never wrote anything

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September 26, 2013, 11:42:20 pm
that idea is awesome! except, when u r asleep when u r a fawn, does your screen go black and scary things come? cuz I don't really like things like that! XD and, one more thing, there has to be some other way to wake up cuz what if no one comes? then u have a disappointed player, who has to wait 24 hours. like, maybe they would have to answer some questions in a quiz? or maybe press like the > < > < > < keys long enough and fast enough?

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October 31, 2013, 06:52:12 am
I came up with this idea due to all the rain the forest had been getting recently. I thought what would be more awesome to add to the rain and the giant mushrooms than little puddles to run through? Totally relaxing and nonviolent but also a way to make the game only marginally more life-like. Maybe it's not a good idea but I was running through the forest thinking that little shallow puddles would be awesome to splash around in.