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Author Topic: What Is Best Way to Recover Deleted DOCx and XlSx Files?  (Read 46 times)

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July 23, 2019, 02:51:43 am
Have you had a situation before that the document files with Docx and Xlsx file extension couldn't be opened after received from your colleague? The file icons are blank in your computer and then you probably think it's a joke. Most of us may deleted the Docx or Xlsx files directly and ask the colleague to send again. 

Why the Docx and Xlsx document files cannot be opened?

The file with Docx and Xlsx is a Microsoft Open XML Format Document file, Whether Docx or Xlsx files are XML-Based and can contain text, objects, styles, formatting, images and more. Because of the Docx and Xlsx contains more contents than Doc, Xls, Microsoft therefore enforces to use Docx and Xlsx from Office 2007 and later version. Hence, your colleague didn't make joke to you, the reason you couldn't open Docx and Xlsx files is only because you are using Office 2003 or earlier Office version.

But what if the colleague didn't backup the original Docx and Xlsx Files in his/her computer, and you also deleted the files without hesitate, both of you may feel quite frustrating that the jobs couldn't be continued any more. 
What is the best way to recover deleted Docx and Xlsx Files?

Here are two ways for you to recover the files. 
First,Data recovery service near me
Data Recovery Service company offers the data rescue service for clients who lost their important data. The company always equipped a super clean room and having a technical data rescue team. 

The pros of Data Recovery Service: You don't need to do anything but just take your hard disk, media cards or computer to the company and request for help. Mostly of your accidentally deleted Docx and Xlsx files can be recovered. 

The cons of Data Recovery Service: The pricing is always expensive that we cannot afford, and the data rescue service sometimes take few days to process, the speed is always depends on which position you are in the queue. In addition, you will have to stop your job only because you have no computer to work. 
Secondary,Windows Data Recovery software
A windows data recovery software is a installation program can run in windows operation system and recover deleted Docx and Xlsx files by ourselves. 

The pros of Windows Data Recovery Software: Windows Data Recovery software is always easy to use with friendly experience, there's no need any of the tech skills to operate the software to recover deleted Docx and Xlsx files. For example, Bitwar Data Recovery software, it's a free trial software and can be used to recover docs, photos, videos, audios, compressed files, etc. We can take a look at the Bitwar Data Recovery software to see how to recover the Docx and Xlsx files.