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Author Topic: Traits about paitings that are cool (language warning)  (Read 333 times)

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January 24, 2019, 04:37:48 pm
I love paitings.
One of the things that mostly catch my attention are solitude and nature.
About that, many of us think that alone means sad. Now always. Alone can mean thoughts, maturity, rest.
I love when paitings give us a cool feeling of something we didn't see before. Like when you see a crow taking a ride on the back of a tortoise.
Think about happy, innocent and "internal giggle" type of vibes.
Allegory of painting by Francois Boucher. The face of that grumpy angel makes my day.

Escaping Criticism by Perre Borel del Caso. The title and the image speaks alone. Imagine someone walking up to your masterpiece, and saying 'This is shitty, looks like my grandad butthole, I could do better', then the paiting itself walks from the canvas, like 'Whaddyou say, b*tch?'

Quand la Peinture Devient Photographie by Émile Friant. Ok, so, the story of this painting is funny. It's literally what started the "((-ception)) meme. In this case, is paintception. There was this girl that asked out boi Émile to paint her in her pink dress. Simples enough, right? You should see it coming. As an artist, we don't think straight. Émile painted himself painting her. In this image, we see Émile in the chair, working on the picture, and the girl standing, watching. I could use less bla bla bla to describe it, but I just love it so much.

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