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Author Topic: My thoughts  (Read 5071 times)

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October 09, 2015, 09:15:24 am
I only played the demo version of The Graveyard on an Android tablet. The setting was peaceful yet slightly unnerving. As I approached the chapel I was worried something would pop up in the window or at the door or somewhere, but despite my fears I knew that nothing would. After a bit of a struggle I managed to turn around and sit on the bench. When the closeup of the lady started appearing on screen I freaked out a bit not knowing what it was (until I realized it was just the old lady). A little bit into the song my screen timed out and I just waited, thinking the song was over and expecting some creepy thing to show up before I realized it was asleep. I think I was just paranoid throughout the whole thing, heh. I had to keep the screen awake through the song, which was just depressing and a little eerie. Then I just closed the app when it was over. I just thought it sort of weird and unnerving and slightly interesting and that was it. I then searched for others' reviews and experiences with it and clicked on the first one I saw at the top of the Google results, which was a featured article on some website I can't recall the name of. The author had tried the demo and then purchased the full version. I had been curious about what the death in the full version was like, and their description of her head snapping forward without warning and leaving it lolling in front of her with slumped shoulders and her neck craned grotesquely forward on her closeup freaked me out a lot. I basically found the game just creepy at that point and wished I hadn't played it. After I calmed down a bit I read some more reviews and they seemed to have a more pleasant experience, so I don't know what to think. Interesting and thought-provoking game, but I essentially just find it creepy and depressing. Many have said that you don't get the whole experience in the demo, but I'm too afraid to ever try the full.