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Author Topic: Hello, new fawn in an old forest here!  (Read 1328 times)

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July 01, 2018, 04:32:32 pm
I found myself as a new being today, wandering a forest beneath an eternal yet aging sun.

At first I staggered on my hooves, but soon enough I was running. Through brush and trees I ran and played for hours. It was fun for sure, but trouble hung behind my mind as I enjoyed the rough and tumble.

I encountered the others who showed me thier ways in this lush yet withered world. Some seemed eager to play, but all around most sat still with heads hung low. Old worries surfaced as the bright magic turned dull within thier veteran eyes.

A new world much like the old, it was, that they awaited. They enjoyed this forest for many years, but now need a revival. Sourced through thier collective efforts the new will have as much beauty and longevity as the one they hold dear.

Hopefully one day upon it's completion, I'll find my way back to this world. With any luck when the time comes, I'll meet you and new friends.

And we will play within the trees beneath a new yet eternal sun.