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Author Topic: Portuguese translations  (Read 1476 times)

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July 28, 2018, 08:29:56 pm

I'm trying to translate the game to my native language. Actually I already translated it, but I'm having some difficulties to implement it and I know nothing about coding.

Is there anyone who could help me? It my first time translating a game.

All the translation process has been done years ago with the help directly from the devs. But I abandoned the task since I know nothing about coding and about how I could implement it in the game. Recently I was inspired to try it again.

I found the song's lyrics inside the file sharedassets.assets. I oppened and edited this file using Notepad++.

But I had some issues.

  • I didn't find all the texts inside this file and neither inside any other file. The instructions, credits and etc. It is all absent or unreachable as far as know
  • I couldn't use my original translation. I had to adapt my original translation so it could fit the exactly same amount of characters of the original lyrics in English. If a line of my translation hasn't the same amount of characters, the game will stop working.
    For exemple:
    Text in English: Acid on granite
    My original translation: Ácido no granito
    Translation adapted: Ácido em pedra (which actually means "acid on stone". I also had to add a double space between "em" and "pedra" so the game wouldn't be bugged)
  • I couldn't use diacritical marks. In Portuguese we have some of them (á, â, é, ê, í, ó, ô, ü and ç), but if I use any, the lyrics will not be shown in game. In fact I found out that if I write the symbol $ the game will show é. But  I had to write, for exemple, coracao instead of coração or proprio instead of próprio in most of the cases.
Could anyone help me to solve some of this issues?
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