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Author Topic: Frequent Asked Problems and Errors  (Read 7202 times)

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July 14, 2013, 07:42:22 am

Here is a list of the most commonly asked problems and errors in the game. This is still being worked on so I'm not finished yet. :)

Q: I am using Windows Vista or 7 and I can't find my screenshots! Where are they?
A: Click "compatibility files" at the top in the screenshots folder and make sure  your screenshots are saved as BMP or JPG. You can change this in the options menu in the game.

Q: Why does this deer have the same pictogram as me?
A: It just looks like it has your pictogram to you, but to everyone else it has their pictogram. It's just a harmless glitch and eventually will go away.

Q: I can't see any deer! OR All of the pictograms are grouped at the bottom of the screen! What is going on?
A: It is caused by the client not receiving information about the other players from the server. The pictograms appear at the bottom of the screen because the positions of those players are actually very deep under the floor. This is a dummy location so the engine can know whether real data has been received for a player's position or not. There is no way to fix this, it usually corrects itself anywhere from an hour to a day.

Q: "ForestViewer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
A: Go to the Start Menu and select "Run...". Then type dxdiag and enter. Then wait a bit. A diagonostics tool for DirectX will open with information about your system. Check the Display section. The date of your drivers should be there. If they are old, check the website of the manufacturer to find newer ones.

Q: "ForestViewer.EXE has stopped working" on Vista?
A: Deactivate the DEP.
To deactivate DEP, go to:
Control Panel -> System -> Advanced (or extended, don't remember the translation) -> Performance -> Settings -> Data execution prevention -> set to "activate DEP only for windows programs and related services".
Make sure you are running the computer as the Administrator.

Q: How do I see a large image of my pictogram?
Type your Endless Forest username after the equal sign (not your forum name).

Q: I am getting very bad lag and the game is running slow. How can I fix this?
A: You may be able to improve the framerate by turning on Simple shadows (or turning off shadows all together), turning off Blinking and setting the character detail to "Very low".

Q: I pressed something and now I can't get my screen to stop spinning around the Twin God Statue! How do I make it stop?
A: What you did was you turned on the Abiogenesis mode, which is great for watching the Abio if you have a slow computer. It is always centered around the statue. To turn it on and off, press CTRL+W on your keyboard.

Q: How do the hotkeys work?
A: You hover your mouse of the action you want to make a hotkey, then press one of the F keys along the top except for F10, and presto! If you want to use a hotkey, make sure you move your mouse away from the action panel or you might reset it.

Q: Why do so many deer have the same pictogram?

This pictogram belongs to Michael, one of the game creators. When the new version of the game was created, Michael's pictogram started to appear over nameless deers' heads. Michael thinks his picto got lodged in the programming by accident. Hopefully this problem can be fixed without too much hassle, but for now, you can be fairly sure any deer with that pictogram is a nameless deer.

Q: My hotkeys don't work, what am I doing wrong?
A: When you choose a hotkey, you have your mouse over the emote you want to choose. Make sure after that, you move your mouse away from the menu before pressing the hotkeys. You need to make sure your mouse is not over the menu bar or they won't work.

There is also a thread with a list of how to do certain things in the forest. To check it out, click here.