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Author Topic: The Endless Encyclopedia of TEF Pelts and Sets!  (Read 5332 times)

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July 14, 2013, 07:40:01 am
Bringing this one over too.


Welcome to The Encyclopedia of TEF Pelts, Antlers, and Masks!

Thanks to everyone the Endless Encyclopedia is finally complete, please enjoy!

 :idea: The 1st goal is to document all the different accessories a deer can wear- antlers, pelts and masks.
 :idea: The 2nd goal is to figure out which pieces go together and get those confirmed by Auriea or Michael! (Although it is unlikely they will say want goes with what, so we'll use community consensus.)

:lol: :D :!: Current E.E. News: {Updated Nov-07-08}
 :arrow: Thanks again to Raku we've got the dark brown pelt (the one similar to the Real Deer pelt) and the E.E. is as updated and complete as I can imagine it!
 :arrow: All images in this thread are now linked from the E.E.'s own photo bucket! I am sorry it took me so long to do this and add new items!
 :arrow: The next task is to update the URLs of all the images in the Special/Rare/Missing Sets sister-thread.
 :arrow: I will also compile a bunch of the Wrestler/Luchador masks into an easier-to see picture. If you have long-shots and close ups of the masks please post them!

 Thanks again for all your help and patience everyone!

:idea: Please note that the many Mardi Gras pelts, masks and antlers are listed here:[/u] and here:

:idea: Special, rare or missing pelts, masks, and antlers are listed

:idea: A direct link to  the Endless Encyclopedia photo bucket is

Zombie Deer Set:

[size=9](A tad hard to see, but the fawn is also wearing the candle antlers!)[/size]

Zombie Fawn Set:

[size=9](Thank you for the image Gracie!)

Crying Mask and Candle Antlers:

[size=9](This mini deer is wearing the mask and antlers, the set's pelt is the default pelt! Thanks for the image Jen!)[/size]

Day of the (Dead) Deer Set:

[size=9](Thanks for the two DOTD images sockpuppie!)[/size]

Day of the (Dead) Deer Set w/o Mask:

[size=9](Image from Fincayra's forum icon. Thank you!)[/size]

Noh Mask:

Noh Mask Set:

[size=9](Thanks for the image Verdalas!)[/size]

Noh Mask Pelt Back:

Antelope Set:

[size=9](Thank you for the standing image Raku!)[/size]

Antelope Set on Sleeping Deer:

Real Deer Set:

Dark Brown Pelt:

[size=9](It seems that this pelt has no 'set' but could be used as an alternate to the Real Deer pelt. Thank you for the image Raku!)[/size]

Golden Butterfly Set:

[size=9](Thanks for the name and image, Verdalas!)[/size]

Forest God Mask:

[size=9](So called after the deer Forest God from Princess Mononoke, it is assumed that this has no other parts/ is not part of a set)[/size]

Wrestler (Luchador) Masks:

[size=9](These masks can only be obtained from one of the Twin Gods during an Abiogenesis-type event. There is an Orange Mask, Blue Mask and Green Mask.)[/size]

Fan Set:

[size=9](Thanks again Verdalas!)[/size]

Beluga/Space Helm or "Space Beluga" Set:

[size=9](Thank you for the screenshot Tae!)[/size]

Space Beluga Concept Art:

Kabuki Mask:

Kabuki Mask Set:

Kabuki Mask Concept Art:

Red and Purple Flowers- Fawn:

[size=9](Thank you for the image SarieBearie!)[/size]

Red and Purple Flowers- Adult:

[size=9](Thank you for the purple flowers Raku and for the red flowers Dijoru!)[/size]

All Red Pelt:
[size=9](This is a unique pelt in that it is the only long-lasting pelt you can cast on yourself.
Thank you for the adult image Dijoru and for the fawn image SarieBearie! )[/size]

Old Deer/Version One Deer:

[size=9](Not a true set, and not often seen. If a person plays TEF using the first version, aka V1, their deer will appear to be very old. The player cannot see the pelt themselves, only players with newer versions will.)[/size]

Fawn-Only Sets:
[size=9](Thank you Raku for all the images!)[/size]

Brown Spot Pelt:

Blue Stripe Pelt:

Swirly Pelt:

Purple and Orange Pelt:

Brown Haze Pelt:

Let's keep this project growing!
 :arrow: Post different matching combinations and sets so we can talk about them!
 :arrow: Once combinations are decided I'll stick them up in this first post!
 :arrow: We should also decide as a group what to call the sets and items.
 :arrow: Help the project by trying to get all one set for your deer and catch a good screenie!
 :arrow: Also screenies of just single individual parts- masks antlers or pelts are good so we can piece together the full sets.

Thanks again to everyone for helping & putting up with me while I sound like a snobbish wikipedia article!