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Author Topic: Instructions On How To...  (Read 2615 times)

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July 14, 2013, 07:37:46 am
Thought I'd bring this over here from the old forum just in case.

Original thread was here:

On this topic others will post instructions on how to... so that others may know how to... !

Quote from: Jen
How to Make Tiny Pictos for the Forum:

How to Fly:

How to Waterwalk:

Combining Movements:

How to play The Endless Forest in the Background:

How to Slide while Sitting:

How to take Close-up Screenshots:

How to see your Pictogram:

How to increase Game Performance:

How to get the permanent devout pelt:

How to see all the pelts, antlers and masks in the game:
Mask Selector:
Pelt Selector:
Antler Selector: